Home security can more of a complicated process than one thinks. Unfortunately there is a lot of planning and thinking that is involved before starting the process of getting home security. Although at times consulting with the home security provider of your choice may be a great idea, you also may want to do a little research before getting started.

Simple Home Security

I want to make getting home security for you as easy as possible. So I have created 5 easy steps on making your home safer. The next 5 steps are necessary and are encouraged if you would like to make your home safer while using a cost effective and thorough thought process.

1.Know What Security Company is Best for Your Home

Home security companies offer a variety of new tools and accessories to properly monitor your home. You might not know what works best for your home or what to use, so you might want to do some research. Talk to people you know, read reviews online, but also call into the company and check pricing, service, etc. There are plenty of reviews online about different companies, a lot unfortunately being negative for ADT, Front Point, and even us. A lot of those reviews come from people who unfortunately didn’t read their contract correctly before they signed up, and had issues. Know your company, what they offer, and then decide which security company will be best for your home.

2.Pricing Home Security

There are a lot things to consider when it comes to checking the price on a security company. Sometimes you may find a price online, but a lot of times companies will offer different prices when you call in. At Protect America you are guaranteed a great price, or a matched price from a competitor if its the same type of package. Price according to your monthly budget because remember, with any company you decide to go with; it will be a contract of 36 months. Knowing you are able to make the monthly payments is one of the most important things.

3. Servicing Home Security

Once you’ve chosen your home security, you want to make sure you are going to have support if something ever goes wrong with your equipment. Protect America offers over the phone support and assistance for installing your initial equipment, and additional equipment for no charge. Be weary of companies that make you pay for a technician.

4. Home Security Warranty

You will have this security equipment for a while and since you are in contract you want your equipment to work for all three years. Protect America offers a free lifetime warranty. This means if anything breaks, we will replace it at no charge. All we ask is that you do a monthly test to ensure system connectivity and make sure everything is working. Most home security companies will make you pay for an extended warranty, and technician to go and install it.

5. Home Security Family

When you sign up at Protect America we want to make sure to treat you like family. We understand signing up for 36 months can be a long time, and we want to be next to you every step of the way. If you ever have trouble, or have any questions, we want to be there with you to help. At the end of your first term of 36 months, we like to offer certain incentives for staying with us as a customer. Be sure to call in 60 days in advance to see what kind of deals you are eligible. We want to offer you and your family a lifetime of security.

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