Home security cameras are an essential part of any home security system. There are many options for home security, including just having  a good Wi-Fi camera that lets you see what’s going on at home while you’re not there. A variety of stand-alone security cameras are available that are inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to use. Here are 5 stand-alone security camera options for 2018.


1. Belkin NetCam HD

Belkin is a WiFi-enabled camera that can be set up without the need to use a PC. You simply plug in the camera and use the required app to get everything up and running. The camera streams both audio and 720p HD video. And, because it has a wide-view lens, it works well in larger spaces. You can pair the Belkin NetCam with the free app for live viewing on your portable which also allows you to record anything you see.  Other features include night vision, alerts, and support for iOS and Android devices.

2. Toshiba IK-WB16A-W

This DIY home Security product has many features. Its wireless 2-megapixel IP camera includes pan, tilt, and zoom. There is also quad video streaming and a a microSD card slot. Which these features you can save images and video to refer to later. The camera also provides a real-time look through any web-connected application such as a computer, smartphone or tablet.

3. Piper NV

The Piper NV is an upgrade from the original Piper from iControl. It has a 180-degree field of view, Wi-Fi-enabled Piper security, and a night vision model which can be set up for motion detection. The camera can monitor and adjust the temperature, humidity, light level and sound. If any of these condition exceed your pre-progamming the camera sends you an alert via text or email.  Videos recorded by the Piper are stored on a cloud sever which can be accessed with your smartphone or tablet.

4. Drop Cam Pro

The Dropcam Pro is a good DIY home security camera featuring WiFi security with a wide 130 degree viewing angle. This allows you to see the whole room in one look. With its 8x zoom and HD video recording you can see fine details other cameras don’t pick up. The night vision model of The Dropcam has both a microphone and a speaker, so you can talk back to people as you’re viewing them.

5. Stem iZON 2.0

The latest iZON compact Wi-Fi security camera is very slim, which allows its placement to be extremely versatile. Slip it onto a shelf and it will watch and listen without anyone knowing its there. the iZon will even alert you when there’s motion or noise in the house. Messages are sent via push notifications on the iOS or Android app. The iZON also tilts and swivels from a flat surface or it can be mounted to the ceiling.


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