Security is a major threat in this litigious society and needs to be addressed as far as human beings are concerned. That’s why Protect America, a national security company is dedicated to protecting homes and families and was established to guarantee you maximum security for you, your family and property. Protect America believes in a monitored security system as opposed to un-monitored security system where no alarms are there to alert you when you are away.

While some incidents of theft, fire or burglary can be termed as accidental, most of them are due to our own carelessness and ignorance. Some of them include:

  • Leaving the doors or windows open while away.
  • Keeping tall bushes
  • Tree branches hanging too close to windows
  • careless spare key storage or too obvious spare key storage
  • Poorly installed security systems
  • Poor lighting
  • Careless valuable storage

Let us now discuss some of the ways to maintain our homes safe and secure.

Installing a high-quality security system

Investing in a home security is crucial, and the best way to keep your house secure is by having a monitored security system. Burglars are scared of cameras and no one would want to be caught while in the act. A recent research by Statistic Brain has shown that having a home security system can significantly reduce the chances of theft or burglary.

“the percent of attempted burglaries on homes with alarms that are unsuccessful is 60 percent… and 85 percent of police officials surveyed believe home alarm systems help deter burglary attempts.”

Landscaping Your House for Security

Landscaping shouldn’t always be for beauty but may play a role in keeping off intruders. Planting thorny flowers and shrubs may help a long way since a small scratch on them will help police track down thieves using their DNA. Overgrown plants offer hiding joints for burglars and therefore installing landscape motion-activated lighting may serve as a good deterrent.

Light Your House

Whether in or away, your house should always be lit. This does not only scare burglars away from your property but also notifies your neighbors, family, and friends that you are around and presume okay. Lighting tells that your house is still up and running.  Motion-activated Security lights help in securing your family and property.

Reinforce Entry and Exit Points

Make sure that your front doors are either solid wood or metal. If they are sliding, reinforce them using a metal bar. Windows can be protected by use of burglar-resistant glass or locks. Doors that are very thin and far away from frames are more likely to be broken in but thick doors and those close to frames are hard and might give burglars a hard time to break through.


Other DIY simple home security habits to practice include:

  • Putting posters and signs on doors and windows.
  • Keeping your house location away from social media
  • keeping or sleeping with your car keys at arms reaches
  • Removing your house keys from the car keys when you leave your car keys to a parking attendant.
  • Hiding Valuables
  • Avoid unnecessary online shopping and delivery services

If you care about the safety of your home and have done all the above, but still feel unsafe, you might be interested to have a monitored security system installed which is the best way to secure your home. Get a free quote from Protect America today and get your home and loved ones secured.