SimpleSafe is one of that fastest growing security companies in the nation, but what SimpliSafe has in growing popularity, it severely lacks in smart home compatibility.  Fortunately, they are slowly adding more compatibility for their new system. It does seem a little strange if you consider that they completely re-made their entire system a while back. In fact, they actually forced current customers to buy all new equipment without offering any kind of upgrade discount. You would think that after putting their customers through so much trouble they would at least have packed it with rudimentary smart home compatibility.

The good news is that you won’t have to upgrade you entire system to use their latest features, this time…

With a Google Assistant enabled SimpliSafe, you will be able to arm and disarm your system using your voice, as well as check on your system’s status.

SimpliSafe Google Home Features

According to the CEO of SimpliSafe, they have been working with Google for a while to make sure that their voice integration is reliable and easy to use.  He also stated that their focus was on fine-tuning the voice integration and to be one of the first security systems to work with Google Home’s continued conversations feature.

“SimpliSafe is on a mission to make every home secure. This integration with the Google Assistant gives our customers even more options for easy and intuitive system arming,” — Chad Laurans, founder and CEO of SimpliSafe

The new Google Home integration will include specific commands, such as “arm SimpliSafe to away”, and some other more general questions, like “is SimpliSafe armed?” For now, you won’t be able to disarm the device, but Lauran’s stated that the company is looking to add the feature in the future.

SimpliSafe Smart Home Integration Options

As mentioned earlier, SimpliSafe has been slowly adding more and more smart home options for their products. On top of Google Assistant, it can also integrate with Nest thermostats and August smart locks. You can set commands on these devices when your SimpliSafe system is armed or disarmed. An example might be having your smart lock automatically lock the door 15 seconds after arming your system.

While having some compatibility is better than nothing, it would nice if they would add general functionality with any IFTTT device with Z-Wave like other security companies instead of creating proprietary links with certain companies. This strikes me as greedy from SimpliSafe and as a smart home enthusiast I am defiantly prone to select my home security from somewhere with more options.

While SimpliSafe doesn’t currently connect with Apple HomeKit, there is a feature in their app to have notifications come up on your Apple smart watch. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will say that this feature is better than nothing, but it would be nice to have full HomeKit functionality or at least basic Z-Wave options for 3rd party devices to connect with HomeKit remotely.

The Future of SimpliSafe

The self-install home security market has been exploding in recent years and companies like Amazon, Nest, Honeywell, and others have all released professional monitoring options for their security systems. SimpliSafe, like other self-install security companies, is scrambling to keep up with the competition. They announced earlier this year that they are planning to release a new completely redesigned hub and sensor system soon.

Hopefully for those who already have SimpliSafe systems, will get better treatment from the company and have an upgrade discount, or at the very least, backward compatibility with their previous system. With their track record though, I wouldn’t hold your breath. SimpliSafe seems to believe that they don’t owe their current customers anything for their loyalty.


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