Video doorbells serve to protect a home and tend to play the role of a guard dog. SkyBell utilizes the latest technologies, but unless the SkyBell app is part of a home’s security plan, it is only doing half of its job.

Sharing Is Caring

SkyBell records video for review, right? Well, it goes away after a specific amount of time. The way to keep tabs on any video that will require sharing with law enforcement or another person is to download them. Downloading them to a phone’s local storage puts them in a safe place for future use.

Swiping on a specific video opens up the Download option on iOS. On Androids, a button for the option is alongside the video.

Keeping tabs on a home is only half done if a homeowner is the only one with access to SkyBell video. Sharing access with family members or trusted neighbors promises a home is that much safer with extra eyes.

Going into the settings and tapping Manage Sharing allows the user to invite a person via email. It gives others access to the video feed and past recordings.

The SkyBell app goes one step further, giving a homeowner the ability to assign any Current Subscribers Admin Access. Complete access to the app makes it easier for individual users to do more than just view video. It is helpful when going out of town, or for people who travel a great deal.

Peephole view of a man and his child arriving at an apartment.

Settings That Wow

Ever want to just enjoy quiet time? How about uninterrupted sleep? SkyBell provides a mute option for the doorbell. It works like a do not disturb button that is accessible from the SkyBell app. When activated, the doorbell does not ring.

Entering the settings and tapping Indoor will give the option to turn it off or mute it. Hint: Notifications by phone will still come through; they have to turn off separately.

Whether you have a baby napping or it’s just late at night, and you don’t want hooligans ringing your doorbell while you’re trying to sleep, this is a great feature to have on a smart doorbell.

The app allows more than doorbell rings to send alerts.  A user can activate the ability to get notifications from the motion detector. Everyone feels safer with home security in the palm of their hand. In the settings, tap Motion Detection and enable it.

The motion detector for the SkyBell is super sensitive. Sensitivity settings are imperative to clear eyes on a home.

The choice is High, Medium, and Low:

  • High: The high setting detects motion from up to ten feet away. It limits the detection when someone is walking towards the door.
  • Medium: The medium setting detects motion from up to seven feet away. It detects someone that is walking towards the doorbell from three feet away.
  • Low: The low setting detects movement from up to five feet. It detects someone walking towards the doorbell from five feet away.

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    Fun SettingThe Skybell has a bit of a personality. The button lights up green, but the user can change it to nearly any color they want. The LED menu is in the settings under Color. It even adjusts the brightness.

    Viewing only video not only to see who is at the door when the bell rings.

    • What else does the SkyBell app do?
    • Take snapshots
    • Use of a microphone to communicate with people at the door
    • Integrates with other apps to lock and unlock the door

    The Doorbell to Automation

    The SkyBell comes with a wide variety of functionality and customization. But, linking it to IFTTT (If This Then That) broadens the advantages through automation.

    IFTTT is an internet service that connects products and services together. The ability to create thousands of applets, or recipes, through IFTTT is all about customizing triggers and responses.

    The Skybell apps’ path to automation starts with linking it to other favorite apps with the same capability. Blinking lights and automating the porch light is only the beginning.

    Other automation possibilities through the SkyBall app:

    • When someone rings the doorbell during off-hours, an email is sent.
    • When motion is detected, an email is sent, and lights and cameras are activated.
    • Alexa-capable commands to video the front door.
    • A 60-second recording activated when motion is detected.
    • Turning the music down when someone rings the doorbell.
    • Recording video of a Nest Protect smoke emergency is detected.
    • Using Alexa to turn the indoor chime off and on.
    • Ability to work with Net Protect to change LED colors for fire and carbon monoxide emergencies.

    The reality of SkyBell is that the possibilities are endless for customization through Nest Protect, Amazon Echo, SmartThings, Scout Alarm, Philips Hue, and Life360.

    Protect America offers free quotes for SkyBell security. Don’t miss the latest in automation!