Security for your small business is important so obviously you’re going to want the best business security system. You’ve worked hard for what you have accomplished and it deserves to be safe. Most businesses might have a security system but it may not be professionally monitored. Trusting yourself to monitor a security system is like trusting yourself to run the cash register while talking on the phone. Is your surveillance stored on VHS or DVD where a burglar can have access to if they break in? There’s a few questions you need to ask yourself to really make sure your business is secured.


Security for Your Business

Protect America offers a few different key devices included in the Business Package that can really help protect your business.

  • 1 Simon XT Control Panel
  • 2 Window or Door Sensors
  • 1 Glass Break Detector
  • 1 Video Surveillance Camera
  • 3 Window Decals
  • Free Lifetime Warranty

We can guarantee the lowest possible price because we can offer a price match to compete with any other company in the market. With our free lifetime warranty and no installation fees, you can guarantee you won’t have to spend much more money to protect your business.


Our systems are all easy to install so you never have to wait around for a technician. Practically every piece of equipment you will receive from Protect America is as easy as peel and stick. In case you need it however, out security experts are always standing by to help you.

For more information and to get a free quote for your next security system, obligation free, contact Protect America today and talk with a professionally. Take your businesses security as seriously as those who hope you don’t. Trust the professionals to do a professional job.