Small businesses can benefit from having a security system. Not only will you secure any valuables, but you can also receive a discount on your business insurance whether you own or rent. While a security system may act as a deterrent during a burglary, most of the time burglars will avoid burglarizing your business in general if they see an alarm. We understand the protection of your business is important, that’s why we offer customized home security packages at affordable prices. Here is a breakdown of our small business security systems.


You can expect to receive a surveillance camera, motion detectors, glass break sensors and even door or window sensors. Each piece of our business security package is designed for just for small business such as yours. Being able to protect your doors and windows while being able to watch your camera from your smartphone or computer will give you the protection you need.

Surveillance Camera Placement

The front and back entrances of your business are protected from attempted break-ins by 2 door and window sensors. If a criminal tries to enter your business through a monitored door, the alarm will be triggered.

Many retail businesses have large windows to attract customers’ attention. These windows can also provide burglars with an easy way to get into your store. Our specialized glass break sensor protects your windows by listening for the specific frequency of breaking glass. When detected, the alarm sounds.

The business package from Protect America also includes a state-of-the-art interactive home video camera. Accessible from almost any computer or smartphone with Internet access, our interactive video security cameras help prevent against employee theft and vandalism. With video security, watching your business is just a click away.


Our business security systems come with a lot of great features. With our interactive service, SMART Connect, you can arm, disarm and even check event history to see who has accessed your alarm system.

Protect America offers great home security packages but the Small Business security package is one that definitely sticks out. We aim to make all of our packages affordable.

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