For many people, the thought of home security systems conjures images of large, loud and cumbersome equipment taking away from the decor of a home in the name of making it safer. We don’t believe that things have to be this way, though. That’s why here at Protect America, we’re always looking for innovative ways to bring you the best in home security without monopolizing too much space in your home. Whether it’s our mini pin pad, our two-button panic remote or our glass break sensors  we produce a wide range of small home security implements that still pack a big punch.

Mini Pin Pad

Take control of your home security system no matter where you are in your home with our Mini Pin Pad. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Mini Pin Pad is perfectly designed for placement in multiple areas of your home. Placing several of these around your house in discreet locations offers you full power over your security system from virtually anywhere. These devices allow you to arm or disarm your system, and also feature a panic system  that can send distress signals to alert the authorities in a crisis. We recommend placing one on each floor of your home in an area where you spend a fair amount of time, such as the bedroom or a common area. Secure and convenient, purchasing multiple Mini Pin Pads can put control of your home security network in the hands of all your family members.

Two-Button Panic Remote

A smart and simple addition to any of our home security packages, the Two-Button Panic Remote is designed to work anywhere in your home within 50 feet of the system’s main control panel. Simplistically designed, the remote features only two buttons, one to arm the system and one to disarm it, making the remote a perfect home security accessory for the bedroom, living room or kitchen. Arm the system as you fall asleep or disarm it when you arrive home with ease by placing multiple Two-Button Panic Remotes around your home. The remote also features the ability to enact a panic mode, alerting authorities, in the case of an emergency. Simply hold down the ‘arm’ and ‘disarm’ buttons simultaneously to send a distress signal to police in the event of an emergency situation.

Glass Break Detector

You might be surprised at how easy it is to sleep through the sound of glass breaking. Ensure that you’re made aware of anyone trying to gain entry to your home by outfitting your security system with our Glass Break Detectors. Using pattern recognition technology, these detectors are designed to recognize the sound of glass breaking and emit distress signals in response. Place them within twenty feet of any glass door or large window that a home invader might use to gain access to your house. Coming in a small size and simple design, just plug them into an outlet and enjoy discreet protection.