Are you starting to feel left out because you don’t have a “smart” home? Wondering what all the hype is with security cameras and DIY home integration? Smart home security cameras simply provide home surveillance when you are away. If you worry that your home may be burgled or live in an area with a high likelihood of natural disasters, smart cameras can help to give you some much-needed peace of mind.


Smart Home Security Cameras Basics

Security cameras let you know what’s going on at your house when you aren’t home:

  • Wireless design and easy installation
  • Fully integrated with your smart home automation systems
  • Provides remote monitoring to your mobile or another device

What Your Smart Home Camera System Isn’t

Your DIY security cameras will allow you to monitor your home from your device when you are away, or look at other areas of the house when you are at home. <blockquote>Unless you integrate the cameras into an overall system, they are not a security system, not even close.</blockquote> Your cameras are a great idea if you believe that your nanny or cleaners are stealing from you, or aren’t performing their jobs as they should be. They are not going to provide a lot of help if you are in a high-crime area and are trying to stop your home from being a target. Remember that the following services are additional and require a subscription or additional equipment:

  • Monitoring – if you want to have footage from your cameras you will need to subscribe to a backup service where the footage is stored in case you need it for a police investigation or to file an insurance claim. Be sure to read the fine print and take note of the length of time the storage is kept (some providers only keep it for a few hours).
  • Alarm or alert services – if you are looking for an alarm system, you will also need to add motion detectors to your smart system. These sensors can trigger an alarm when activated, and depending on your monitoring service it can also prompt a call to your local emergency providers.
  • Communication with your home – if you want to be able to chat with Fido when he’s home alone, or converse with someone who is knocking on your door, you will need to upgrade your equipment.


Is it Time to Look at a More Complete Security System?

Outdoor cameras may help to deter criminals who are looking for an easy mark, but many are beginning to catch on that the functions of DIY security systems and cameras can be pretty limited. Consumers who are looking to both protect their homes and also enjoy today’s latest automation features are better served with a full-service security and automation system rather than cobbling together a DIY project. Smart cameras do offer the benefits of surveillance, but they can also give you a sense of false security. If you are interested in truly protecting your family from thieves and other calamitous events, a full-scale security is going to be necessary. Security cameras can be useful in situations where security is already taken care of by other means, and they are being used to supplement your protection.

If you are interested in a more robust security system than simple cameras can provide, take a look at ProtectAmerica. We offer a full-service experience that includes free installation, up to $1,400 in equipment credits, and 24/7 monitoring. Call us today at (800) 951-5190 or access our easy-to-use online form to sign up for your free quote!