Police warn residents of Fremont, California, to be diligent after a recent string of burglaries in the area. The suspects have been going door to door dressed as Animal Control workers. One woman and her supposed supervisor have told residents that a poisonous snake is on the loose in the area and they need to set traps in the back yard. The woman asked that all those at the home come into the yard with her. Once the suspects have gained access, a third person sneaks into the house to steal valuables.

Residents explain that the sneaky burglar woman looked the part with khaki pants, a shoulder badge, ID lanyard and black gloves. Real Animal Services employees wear police patches, have photo IDs and drive vehicles displaying the city emblem.

“Ask for a supervisor, ask for a phone number before letting someone in your door,” Geneva Bosques​, Fremont police spokesperson, told Bay Area NBC affiliate KNTV. “And remember, city employees always tell you if they are coming there.”

Police are still searching for the suspects and urge anyone with information or home security system footage to contact them. Since the August scam, police have released what camera security system photos they do have. Officials have described the female suspect as white or Hispanic, 5 feet tall and of a medium build. According to Bay Area affiliate KRON-4, she is also reported to have a pierced tongue.

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Burglars diguised as animal control to gain access to Bay Area homes