Now that Spring 2014 has just about arrived, you may want to take some time to plan a few home projects around house maintenance and spring cleaning. These seasonal updates will help clear the air in your house and make for a safe and efficient season. Plan a time when the whole family can get to work on these important projects:

Spring Cleaning Tip: Test Your Ceiling Fans

The weather is warming up, and ceiling fans are a great way to get a nice breeze and stay cool. In fact, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, using a ceiling fan in your home will allow you to raise the temperature of your thermostat by 4 degrees Fahrenheit without missing out on comfort – and you’ll save on energy costs! Use these Spring cleaning tips to ensure a cool summer. Dust the blades and body of the fan so these particles don’t fly about the house when you turn on the switch. Then test them to be sure the fans are working properly. If not, call your electrician or the manufacturer.

Home Projects for Spring 2014

Change Your Home Security Passwords

Updating the passwords on your private accounts helps keep them secure, and the same goes for your home security system. Reset the passcode and share the new one with your family to prevent certain buttons from being worn down (of course, you don’t have to worry about this with a touchscreen display). Also update your password and information in your home security’s online portal.

Check Your Smoke Detectors

Most smoke detectors run on batteries, so you should check them regularly to ensure they work. An easy way to remember is to do it when you perform other seasonal tasks. Press the button on the bottom of the device – this action should produce a beep. If not, remove the smoke detector from the wall or ceiling and insert new batteries.

Prep Your Windows for Spring and Summer

You probably added weather protection to your windows to fight winter chill, but now that spring is on its way, you don’t need it. Remove storm windows or plastic coverings, then wash the inside and outside of the glass. Next, inspect the screens to find any holes, damages or dirt. Wash the screen thoroughly using a scrub brush and hose before putting them back on the windows. Take this spring cleaning tip and you can let that nice spring breeze into your home! This is a home project you will not regret.

Spring Cleaning Means Declutter Your House

Everyone accumulates stuff over time, whether it’s mail, winter clothes or decor. Go through each room of your home one by one, and organize your belongings. The things that you no longer need, can’t use or don’t fit (in the case of clothes and shoes) should be put in one pile. Everything else can be sorted and put back in its proper place. The items you don’t need should be donated or discarded.
Put winter-specific items in storage bins and place them in the closet, basement or crawl space. Boots, heavy coats, sweaters and snow gear fall under this category.

Cleanse the Carpets

While you sweep and vacuum regularly, you may remove all the dirt from the carpet. Spring is a great time to deep clean these floor coverings because the process leaves your home feeling fresher. Carpet traps dirt and dust, which can cause allergies – you’ll get enough of those from the pollen spring brings! Hire a carpet cleaner or use your own machine to have a dust-free home for spring.

Backup Your Computer

Many people now set their computers to automatically back up information on a remote internet-based storage space (i.e. the cloud). If you don’t back up your computer automatically, take some time to back up your hard drive while you work on a few other spring cleaning projects. You can put your information on the cloud, an external hard drive or disks. Consider setting up an automatic procedure if you haven’t already done so.


Photo credit Joonie Jatho