October is a great time of year. It’s the beginning of Fall when the weather starts to get cooler, the time changes (so we get an extra hour of sleep or time to do what you want), and it’s Halloween! Costumes, candy, sleep and cool weather; what a great combination! It’s important to remember a few October Safety tips.

Crime Prevention Month

While October is a great month, it’s also is Crime Prevention Month so it’s important to make sure you’re staying safe and doing what you can to prevent crime. About a week ago we highlighted on a few things you could to prevent crime such as getting involved with your community and various other things like actually having a home security system. You can read the full article here: “Crime Prevention Month 2013.”

Halloween Safety

Did you know that one in four people meet a neighbor they have never met before for the first time on Halloween!? That number is startling, but it’s a good think to know your neighbors. Over 45 million kids are trick-or-treating during this time so it’s important to stay safe.

All children under the age of 12 should be supervised while trick-or-treating and should be accompanied by an adult. Don’t let strangers into your home and make sure to throw away all unwrapped candy or chocolate. See our complete infographic here: Halloween Safety Tips for Kids Infographic

You and your child’s safety is important so remember to keep your mind on safety while you enjoy your Halloween.

Stay Safe During October and Beyond

It’s easy to be mindful of security and safety during October because all of the national initiatives against crime, but you should also remember to stay safe all year long. A home security system can help prevent burglaries and crime against your family or home. Be sure to call us if you have any questions; we’d be more than happy to help make your home safer.

For more information about Protect America call 888-951-5136. Our security experts will give you a free quote and will help analyze your home to see what we can do to make it safer.