Protect America Success Stories

Protect America home security customers know the value of having a security system.  In a perfect world, you would not have to worry about your home to be broken into. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case all the time. We are glad to be able to say that Protect America’s monitored alarm systems have protected hundreds of thousands of families since 1992. We have heard many stories about how monitored alarm systems have saved lived, detoured burglaries, prevented fires and benefited our customers.

Now, we want to know YOUR story. When has your Protect America security system caught a burglar, saved your life or just helped you! Maybe you caught your kids sneaking in after curfew? Maybe you saw something hilarious on Protect America’s SMART Connect  security camera APP. We want to know!

Has Your Home Security System Saved You?

Every day we hear stories from our customers about how Protect America saved them from getting items stolen from their house, caught a burglar in the act, or alerted them when there was a fire and saved their lives.

Has Home Automation Helped You Out of a Jam?

Did you unlock your house for a plumber while you were at work?

Did you forget to lock the house before your international flight when you remembered you could use your iPhone to lock the front door from your sky lounge?

Security Cameras Caught Something Funny or Awkward?

When your teenage daughter arrived home from her date you turned on the porch lights from Protect America’s SMART Connect App right when the boy tried to kiss her to scare him off?

Medical Alert Systems Saved Your Life? Tell us.

Were you or a loved one saved by EMS because our emergency medical alert system quickly called an ambulance to get you to the care  that was immediately needed?

Monitored Smoke Detectors Save Life or Property?

In the middle of the night, did your smoke alarms go off in time for you and your family to safely evacuate your home and fire fighters were on their way because of our monitored smoke detectors? Or did you get a text message saying the fire department was en route to your house because of a smoke alarm?

Email Us Your Protect America Success Story

Simply email your story to and you will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card to We will choose the finalists-then you get to choose the winner by liking your favorite story!

How to Enter

  1. Tell us your story: How has Protect America Home Security impacted your life?
  2. Email it to
  3. We will choose the finalists.
  4. We will post the finalist’s stories on our blog and whichever story gets the most “Likes” wins! Just look for the facebook and twitter icons under the picture and click “like”
  5. The Winner Gets a $100 Gift Card from Amazon!