If you’re looking to compare Sudden Link home security offerings to Protect America, you might be thinking that both companies offer similar security services. However, home security companies can vastly differ in the services they provide. We’ve gathered some of the major differences to help you make an informed decision. Sudden Link is an American telecom company operating out of St. Louis, Missouri. Sudden Link serves 16 states including Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Their primary service is providing broadband internet and cable television. Your experience with your cable company probably isn’t great. If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, saying that people dislike dealing with cable companies is an understatement. Why give yet another telecom company even more control over your life?

Sudden Link vs. Protect America Prices

The Sudden Link website makes it very difficult for a customer to tell what kind of value they are receiving. Most customers like to see the prices online before they call. Sudden Link makes it very difficult to estimate cost. Be wary about any company that refuses to give transparent cost structures. Many times, potential customers will call in to get a quote, only to realize that the price had gone up by the time of installation. For example, there have even been reports of customers being misquoted, such as this instance where someone was told a low price from a representative over the phone, then when Sudden Link came to install the system the price had skyrocketed:

Then when I actually could get the alarm installed, first tech out tried to extort me to the tune of $700 when I was quoted $99 for the install

There are a few outside reports of Sudden Link Security’s pricing from customers saying that costs can span from $20-$35 in monthly monitoring charges, not including activation, equipment or installation. However, wouldn’t you rather know exactly how much you’ll be paying before the technician comes out to install the system? At Protect America, we provide clear contracts and complete transparency with our prices.

Protect America offers a list of all the available equipment to add to whichever package you choose to fit your needs. We also include pricing for all available packages, giving you all the information needed online so that you can save time researching. We list our most affordable home security package at $19.99 a month. Then you can add features or upgrade according to your budget! Additionally, we provide free DIY installation, free start-up equipment, and a lifetime replacement plan as soon as you sign up for our services! Protect America is proud to be one of the most affordable home security companies without compromising the quality of your service or equipment. We’re so confident that we have the lowest prices, we’ll even put money on it. If you can find a home security provider with a price that is more affordable than what we offer, we’ll match it! Simply use our Lowest Price Guarantee tool!

Sudden Link vs. Protect America Specialization

Choosing a company that specializes in the services you want also means choosing quality. Sudden Link is a telecom company that mainly focuses on providing cable and broadband internet to its customers. Protect America is a company that has specialized in home security from the very start. Would you expect the best quality sporting equipment from a vender such as Walmart? Or would you expect better quality products at a store that specializes in sporting equipment such as Sports Authority or Academy? The same notion of quality applies to home security.

Protect America is a pioneer of wireless security technology. We’ve spent the past 20 years developing an award-winning reputation. Protect America has been ranked the number one home security company by TopConsumerReviews for the past five years! Defend your home and your wallet with Protect America.