Summer is a season of carefree enjoyment for most people, and who can blame them? With school out, beautiful weather and an array of holidays to punctuate the passing time, it’s easy to understand why the season brings a certain lazy enjoyment to daily life. Still, it’s as important to stay vigilant about one’s home security during the summer months as it is during the rest of the year. In fact, the warmest season of the year has a way of lulling us into habits that make us more vulnerable to home invasion or burglary. Never fear, though, simply read on to learn about three ways you can keep your home safe all summer long.

1) Windows

Everyone loves a summer breeze. Unfortunately, our choice to enjoy that air through our windows makes us considerably more vulnerable to intruders. Fortunately, the rise of central air conditioning installations means that people are less likely to leave windows open, for fear of letting out cold air. Still, if you do choose to leave windows open during the summer, be sure to try and only do so with ones on the second story or above. These are far harder for anyone outside your home to gain access to, and therefore less vulnerable. Also, consider investing in some door and window sensors so that you can be aware of anyone attempting to gain entrance to your home.

2) Doors

Another benefit of the warm weather is the option to put screen doors in front of your home’s main door. While these additions offer a pleasant way to enjoy the outside air while still keeping bugs out, they don’t do much to keep other human beings out of your home. Make sure that, if you’re leaving the house or plan on having your attention elsewhere for more than a few moments, you have the internal door closed as well. Also, try and avoid screen doors that have glass or wire mesh panels near the knob, as these can easily be broken or torn through, allowing burglars to unlock the door from the outside.

3) Maintain an appearance

With the endless amount of outdoor activity during the summer months, it’s easy to become somewhat careless about the equipment you’re using. It’s important to keep these things put away, though, for the sake of the image your property is conveying. Make a conscious effort to avoid leaving your summer gear (bicycles, roller blades, sporting equipment) out on your porch or lawn, as this makes you an easy target for quick theft. Also, leaving higher end objects like bicycles strewn about indicates to potential home invaders that you have valuable belongings inside your home. Maintain an appearance in order to not stand out to anyone who might be “casing” your neighborhood for a later crime.