Surveillance cameras are security devices that use video to monitor for activity in a given area or building. Most surveillance cameras are used with home security systems but stand alone cameras are also popular among security minded consumers. The best surveillance camera will combine a variety of convenience features with an affordable cost.

Consumer Reports: Surveillance Camera Reviews

Surveillance cameras reviews are a little hard to come by unless consumers are interested in user generated reviews on shopping sites, like Amazon. Top consumer products publications, such as Consumer Reports, do not offer comprehensive reviews for surveillance cameras. Some technical publications, like CNET, will occasionally include reviews for advanced surveillance cameras but often ignore more sensibly priced models.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras

One of the most affordable options for consumers interested in surveillance cameras are wireless models that lowers cost without sacrificing quality. The wireless surveillance cameras used by Protect America include a wide range of features while being easy to use. If customers choose a wireless home security system, they’ll have the option of easily adding a wireless surveillance camera at any time. Wireless security devices often work together to create comprehensive protection that won’t break the bank. Customers that choose wireless security cameras and other accessories will save money on activation and installation fees typically associated with hardwired alarm systems.

Home Surveillance Cameras

The perfect home surveillance camera will combine features that improve security while making use more convenient. One of the most amazing features offered by Protect America security cameras is interactive access that allows users to view their live video feed from almost any computer or smartphone. Through interactive access, users can also make use of the pan-and-tilt feature to remotely control their view. Protect America surveillance cameras even come with a motion activation sensor that starts recording whenever a large body is detected.