As parents, you tell your teenagers that you and your spouse will be going away for the weekend. They can barely contain their glee behind a polite demeanor. When you inform them that grandma will be staying over to watch the house, they beg and plead to be left alone so they can show you that they’re responsible. You sigh. Well, the kids are growing up. They’ll have to move out and be adults soon enough, why not let them start now? Alright, they can stay home alone for the weekend. You drive away and have a lovely weekend, but upon return you know something isn’t right. There are a few signs that will let you know whether or not your teenagers had a house party while you were away. Watch for these 7 warning signs:

  • Missing Alcohol
  • Broken or Missing Decor
  • Bulging Trash Cans
  • Younger Children Are Silent
  • Dirty Floors, Bathrooms, Etc.
  • Security Footage Shows Evidence
  • Complaints From the Neighbors

1. Missing Alcohol Could Indicate Your Teen Was Binge Drinking

Remember that bottle of scotch you got from your boss last holiday season? You had better make sure it’s still in the liquor cabinet. Teenagers have a hard time getting their hands on alcohol because they cannot buy it themselves. If their friend’s 21-year-old brother didn’t come through, they probably used your booze. Missing bottles are an indicator that the kids threw a party or that your teen was binge drinking.

2. Broken or Missing Decor is a Sign Your Teenager Threw a Party

Did you notice a crooked photo on the wall or a crack in your favorite vase? Those imperfections weren’t there when you left on Friday. Scour the house for other pieces that have been damaged. Some might have been thrown out. Confront your teenagers as to the whereabouts of these objects. Try to ascertain if this was the result of teen binge drinking.

3. Bulging Trash Cans Could Indicate Teen Debauchery

Peek inside the trash cans around your house and in your garage. Your teenagers may have thrown out beer cans and wine bottles. Check the most obscure garbage first, as your teens are likely to have thought you wouldn’t look in that spot. There may be beer cans in unlikely places as well. If you open your junk drawer to find a crushed can, you know some tipsy teen stashed it in the wrong place. You may not notice them right away, but if they’re there, you will find beer cans.

4. Parents of Younger Children Watch for this sign

The teenagers may have paid off the younger children for their silence. Observe their behavior and see if the older ones are being nicer or doing more favors. If this is out of character, it will be very noticeable. This is a good indicator that you have a teen drinking problem.

5. Dirty Floors, Bathrooms, Etc.

Do your shoes stick to the tile floor in the kitchen as you walk? Does the bathroom look unclean? Spilled alcohol and sick hungover teens may be the culprit. Take a look at the various rooms in your house to see how clean (or dirty) they are.

6. Check Security Footage

Use your alarm monitoring system to find out what the kids were doing while you were away. Play archived video and look for commotion or out of the ordinary video images. Perhaps the camera goes blank suddenly. That could be your teenagers covering the lens, hiding the evidence of underage drinking. If you have the smart connect app, you can watch live video footage of your house from your phone. Be sure you have placed cameras in all the main living spaces of your home. The living room and kitchen are the No. 1 places teenagers will hang out during their party.

7. Complaints From the Neighbors

The day you return, your neighbor stops by to complain about the loud music from last night. This could be a sign that your teenagers were binge drinking and threw a party. Of course, they could have just played loud music. However, if the noise complaint was accompanied with a comment about guests you had or cars that blocked their driveway, then you know your kids had visitors.

One or two of these signs may not necessarily indicate that your teenagers threw a party. They could have played loud music and accidentally broke a plate when making dinner. However, if several of these stack up, it’s time to confront the kids.