You’re debating whether or not fake security cameras are the way to go for you and your house. You know that keeping it minimal will save money and time while giving burglars the illusion of security. “It’s sort of like having a beware of dog sign,right?”, you think. Plus you’re a little excited at the strategy you get to implement in beating a burglar at their own sneaky game.

But are fake security cameras the way to go? And aren’t there many other ways that security cameras can be used that people don’t normally consider?

Outside of the obvious fact — that you should never leave something as important as safety and home protection up to disguise — there’s many other things that you’ll miss out by not having home security installed. Here’s seven times fake cameras won’t cut it:

1. If there’s a break-in

Alright. We have to cover the obvious. If you install fake home security cameras and a burglary occurs; you won’t be able to prevent it or respond to it, and you won’t actually know about it until long after the fact when you get back home and realize that your collection of lucky socks were taken.

Cover the basics. Have home security installed for the simple reality that a fake camera simply means that you just don’t have security at all.

Being absent of security isn’t a clever protection plan, but the absence of a protection plan.

2. If someone’s at the front-door

Whether you’re checking in to make sure the kids arrived safely after school, you want to see if the pizza delivery man is at the door, or you want to peek to see if the doorbell was rung by an honest stranger or a pesky solicitor, how would you ever know if you don’t have the security to look in?

Home security cameras can be set as doorbells themselves on the front porch or inside the home facing the front door. You’ve got options. All options that can’t be taken advantage of unless security is actually installed.

3. If you need to check on the pets

Some afternoons when you get home from work havoc has been wrecked on the kitchen. You’re unsure if it’s your dog getting excited, or your cat is trying to lash out at you. But you’ve got to put on your detective hat and get to the bottom of it. Without real home security there’s no telling who’s actually causing the mischief.

Or maybe you simply want to take a peek on your furry friends while you’re at work to make sure they’re okay. Cameras that are equipped with two-way talk features even allow you to slip in some commands or “hellos.”

4. If you want to play a prank on your family with two-way-talk

Likely the most exciting way to use home security is to play some pranks on the family. With two-way talk features you can startle your kids as they do homework, or simply startle the family as they go about their day.

These pranks can also be a great way to get your cats flustered and confused.

5. If you want to make sure you locked the door

We all rush out of the home every now and then and are to left to wonder whether or not we locked the door. Maybe you forget this detail or maybe the rest of your afternoon is haunted with what-if scenarios of break-ins or successful dog paw escapes.

Whatever your concern may be — since most home security is accompanied with video streaming — you can use your tools to peek-in on the home and make sure the door is locked.

Unfortunately the system can’t lock the door for you — unless you have a home automated smart lock — so you’ll either have to go back home to lock-up, phone a family member, or simply be content with knowing.

6. If you want to capture memories around the house

One of the coolest parts of home security and home automation tools is that you can use the video and photo capturing features of your system to snap some shots or videos of moments around the home.

Whether this is during holiday when you want to enjoy the festivities without playing cameraman or you simply want to see some candid moments, home security can get the job done.

7. If you want to use home automation to connect the home

Last, but not least, if you have home security cameras it means you have a home security system. (Or should, at least. Don’t opt for stand alone cameras.)

This means that your home can be automated, including places like the garage, front door lock, lights, thermostat and others.

With fake security cameras you won’t have the option for home automation and the connectivity wonders that come with the set up.