At Protect America, we’ve put together a list of the 10 cities in Tennessee with the lowest burglary rates.

We call these cities “Burglary Safe Zones.” We’ve also made a list of the 10 cities in Tennessee with the highest burglary rates. We call these cities “Burglary Hot Spots.”

Our lists are based on data from the recent FBI Uniform Crime Report. We only counted cities that submitted burglary data.

2016 Tennessee Burglary Safe Zones

  1. Oak Ridge
    • Population 29,297, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Oak Ridge was established in 1942 as the production site for the Manhattan Project.
  2. Tusculum
    • Population 2,663, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Tusculum has a community DEA Drug Drop Box for citizens to safey dispose of prescription medicines.
  3. Decherd
    • Population 2,458, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Decherd is home to automobile engine assembly plant owned by Nissan.
  4. Surgoinsville
    • Population 1,799, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: When Surgoinsville was first chartered, the town initially had no local government.
  5. Spencer
    • Population 1,629, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Spencer is named after Thomas Sharp Spencer, a hunter who passed through the Van Buren county in the mid-18th century.
  6. Signal Mountain
    • Population 8,579, Burglaries 6
    • Town trivia: Signal Mountain was used by the Native Americans to send fire and smoke signals across the Tennessee Valley.
  7. Oakland
    • Population 7,495, Burglaries 7
    • Town trivia: Former Mayor Ferguson resigned in 2013 after it was announced he had two wives.
  8. New Johnsonville
    • Population 1,878, Burglaries 2
    • Town trivia: Former New Johnsonville Mayor Lance Loveless was indicted for theft over $1,000 in 2015.
  9. Wartburg
    • Population 903, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Wartburg is the headquarters for the Obed Wild and Scenic River.
  10. Coopertown
    • Population 4,411, Burglaries 5
    • Town trivia: By 1874, Coopertown was producing 45,000 barrels of whiskey per year.


2016 Tennessee Burglary Hot Spots

  1. Ripley
    • Population 8,216, Burglaries 162
    • Town trivia: Tina Turner is from Ripley, TN.
  2. La Follette
    • Population 7,055, Burglaries 131
    • Town trivia: Better known as the “King of Blues,” African-American string-band and country blues musician, “Louie Blouie” Armstrong was raised in La Follette.
  3. Covington
    • Population 9,008, Burglaries 149
    • Town trivia: Actress Leigh Snowden is from Covington and named her granddaughter Covington in honor of this town.
  4. Dyersburg
    • Population 16,766, Burglaries 266
    • Town trivia: The 1990s hip hop group Arrested Development briefly mentions Dyersburg in their song “Tennessee.”
  5. Gatlinburg
    • Population 4,207, Burglaries 66
    • Town trivia: Gatlinburg is home to Dollywood, an amusement park named in honor of singer Dolly Parton.
  6. Memphis
    • Population 657,936, Burglaries 10,272
    • Town trivia: Graceland, the last home of Elvis Presley in Memphis, is the second most visit historic home in America next to the White House.
  7. Sweetwater
    • Population 5,892, Burglaries 91
    • Town trivia: Cherokee Native Americans once called this area Soitee Woitee, which means Happy Homes.
  8. Rockwood
    • Population 5,396, Burglaries 81
    • Town trivia: During the outbreak of WWII, Rockwood Mills began to produce ferromanganese for the wartime effort.
  9. Rocky Top
    • Population 1,769, Burglaries 26
    • Town trivia: Rocky Top was once Lake City, and it was renamed because of a business group that wanted to establish a theme park in proposal of a name change.
  10. Athens
    • Population 13,692, Burglaries 194
    • Town trivia: Athens is the home of gunsmith “Mr. Rate” in the film “Shooter.”

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