Testing your home security system can be extremely beneficial. Not only does regular testing ensure connectivity, it also gives you the peace of mind knowing that everything is working accordingly. Testing your system on a regular basis is crucial. Having a correctly connected system is important to whether the alarm will communicate with our central monitoring stations. The central monitoring station will receive the notification that your alarm was triggered in the event of a break-in, and send help immediately if everything is working properly. When it comes to home security, your system is only effective if it’s working. At Protect America, we recommend that you test your home security system once a month. Follow these simple steps to test your system correctly:



  1. Before testing your alarm system, call your home security company and put your account on “test.” At Protect America, you must call (800)951-5111, then go to option 4. You can also test your system without having to make a phone call. Simply click the “Chat Online” button here. A representative will help you with the whole process via chat. Contact your home security company using whichever method works for you. If you attempt to test your alarm without placing your account on test with us first, it may result in a false alarm. Triggering a false alarm could result in a fine, so don’t make the mistake of beginning the testing process before completing this step. During the process, you have the option of completing the test independently, or conducting it while one of our representatives guides you through the entire process over the phone or in chat.
  2. After you contact Protect America and ask to test your system, you will be prompted to verify your account information. Your account verification will include providing your name, address, and verbal password that you set-up with us previously.
  3. At this time, we will encourage you to make sure all doors and windows in the house are tightly closed. You won’t be able to test whether an intrusion triggers the alarm if the entry points to your home are not secure in the first place. Essentially, any door or window with a sensor on it will need to be secured before proceeding.

Begin the Test

  1. In order to begin the testing period, arm the system by pressing the Doors and Windows button two times. Then press the Motion button one time. Wait 60 seconds. After the 60-second exit delay the control panel will beep letting you know the system is arming. You will then wait for the beeping to stop before proceeding to the next step of testing.
  2. Throughout your home, walk to each door and window with a sensor attached to it. In the next step the siren will sound steadily. If you choose to conduct the test with the guidance of a representative on the phone, they will often times turn off the alarm during the testing process, otherwise it will continue to sound through the remainder of the test. Do not disarm the system. If you disarm the system before the test is complete, you will have to begin again. Open each of these doors and windows in your home that have sensors attached. Wait 3 to 5 seconds then close the door or window. When you arm the system by pressing the Doors and Windows button two times, it takes off all delays.
  3. Once you have gone through your home and checked each sensor and detector manually, you may now disarm the system with your 4 digit master code. At this time, you will want to use a computer to log into mymonitoringstation.com in order to view that your signals were properly received. Your username will be your digital number, and your password is the same as your verbal password. Once you verify that all the signals were received, you may now clear the alarm memory by pressing: status, disarm, disarm, status.

Finalize the Test

  1. If you are conducting this test independently, call us again at (800)951-5111, then go to option 4. Or speak to us via Chat! You may already be on the phone or in a chat with a representative. If this is the case, proceed.
  2. Similarly to before, you will now ask us to remove your account from testing mode. You will be asked the same security questions as before, which will include you name, address, and verbal password on file.
  3. After all previous steps are completed, you are now finished with your home alarm test!

Arming and Disarming

In order to arm your system after the test is completed, press the Doors and Windows button once. Press Motion Sensors once if you have motion sensors. It is not necessary to press this button if you do not have motion sensors in place. You now have 45-seconds to leave the premise before the system is activated. When you return home you must enter through an entry/exit door. These doors have been programmed with a 45-second entry delay. To arm your system in “Stay Mode” press the Doors and Windows button twice. To arm your system in “Away Mode” press the Doors and Windows button once, and if you have motion detectors, press the Motion button once as well.

To disarm your system, enter your 4-digit ID code to disarm the alarm system. The control panel will say, “System disarmed.”

Testing your system can be a routine, or you can make it fun. Having the family join in on testing the alarm system monthly could be a great initiative. Explaining to your family how each part of the alarm system works can be very beneficial in understanding home security safety. We encourage you to test your system regularly. If there is anything you need help with regarding your home security system, we can help you. Call or chat us today!