Americans gather around the dinner table every November to give thanks and share obscene amounts of food. The week of Thanksgiving, it’s easy to be consumed with thoughts of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Though families have their own traditions, it’s important to remember a few pieces of advice that can make your Thanksgiving preparations more safe and secure.

Keep an Eye on the Turkey!

Every year, 83 percent of household fires on Thanksgiving originate in the oven. While there are no exact numbers on how many fires are started by turkeys, the number is high enough to remind people to watch their food. One helpful tip is creating a cooking schedule in advance that will reduce the chance of overcooked food. Not only will your food taste better but you can protect your home and loved ones in the process.

Have a Working Fire Extinguisher

With the typical American eating approximately 4,500 calories during Thanksgiving dinner, preparing all that food can be a little hectic. There are twice as many cooking-related fires during Thanksgiving than any other time of year. While having a fire extinguisher is just good general advice for homes, it’s even more important with a packed house and cooking food. Residential fires results in 2,600 fatalities every year. Experts say that proper use of a fire extinguisher could have saved many of those lost.

Deep Fried Turkey Warning

We cannot stress this enough for anyone that’s deep frying their turkey: follow the instructions accurately! Every year, stories of misguided cooks deep frying frozen turkeys hit the news. This isn’t some joke danger either. Between 1998 and 2007, approximately 140 incidents involving turkey fryers were reported to federal authorities. The result has been more than 35 injuries and over $8 million in damage. Do your research before and everything should be fine but it’s not a bad idea to have someone around that has successfully fried a turkey.


Travel Plans

According to the FBI, nearly 400,000 burglaries take place during November and December. If you plan on traveling this holiday, try to avoid sharing specific dates, times or other important details of the trip on social media. You may be surprised how easily a potential burglar can prepare their next target by information they gained directly from the home owner. The easiest time to strike is when the burglar knows there wont be anyone home and for how long.

“It’s all about opportunism” said Chief Security Officer Melissa Walker. “Thieves know people are traveling during the holidays, and they’re looking for the perfect places to strike. Homeowners everywhere can help defend themselves with some very simple steps by following our home security checklist.”


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