If you’re looking for the best alarm systems, Protect America is a good place to start your search. Whether you need security cameras, monitored smoke detectors and other products to protect your family, Protect America has you covered.

What You Should Know

When looking for best alarm system, you should understand what exactly you need. Sure you may have a budget in mind, but also should realize alarm systems now a days protect more than just your doors and windows. There are carbon monoxide sensors, fire and smoke sensors, over-heard garage door sensors, thermostat control, light control and a lot of other home automation features that are included with interactive home security services.

Once you have researched what you would like, it’s important to understand that some of these features will not cost extra monthly and are easily accessible to anyone looking for a simple home security system. These new features including home automation only all you to have complete control of your home and safety.

Quality Alarm Systems

All alarm systems vary in quality, but that’s why Protect America relies on the manufacturing and award-winning brand of General Electric to make our security systems. We provide home security systems built by GE, called Simon XT. Every home security is then hand inspected and put together by Protect America’s technicians specifically just for your account when you sign up.

Each alarm system is built with precision, care and is pre-programmed with all the sensors you decide to install once you receive it. The great part about receiving your alarm system pre-programmed is that you have to do less work. There is no need for a technician at your home, just our installation experts that walk you over the phone on how to install each part of the system. This process usually takes under 30 minutes.

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