Burglars sometimes target homes that have ample forms of covering, including; shrubs, walls, privacy and traditional fences — all items that most homeowners assume are there for their protection. This is a breakdown for some of the best home security fences.

This happens because many burglars strike during the daytime, so these criminals look for opportunities to conceal themselves and hide while committing their act.

Fences that are too high or absent, can give a burglar means to hide during a strike. With those two things considered, what are the best fences for home security? And what should you avoid in your fencing?

What to Look for

People usually get fences for a few reasons; security, privacy, and aesthetics. Some aesthetics won’t do as good of a job in keeping the home secure as others, and some homeowners simply want the best fence to block off their home and enclose the property for their pets and kids.

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    It’s important to understand your specific wants, needs and situation before jumping into fence materials. Also, remember to define the budget and price range that you’re willing to go to get the job done.

    Finding the best fence can be a bit tricky, and there’s a lot of options, so know that you can also go through a professional fencing company to handle your needs. They can build a package based on your situation. 

    You’ll want a fence that doesn’t provide a hiding space, can’t be climbed over, and can’t be easily bypassed. Watch out for horizontal rails that can give burglars an actual way to move up the fencing, and check with your particular homeowners association on their rules and guidelines for fencing in your state.

    Safety Check

    • Make sure the fence actually goes around the entire yard instead of only being there for decoration. 
    • Make sure the fence has sufficient locking mechanisms so there’s no room for a hand to open the door. 
    • Make sure the underneath of the fence is secured (preferably by concrete, but that’s expensive), so burglars can’t get in the home from underneath.
    • Padlock the gates and doors to your fences. 
    • Spear tops, razor wires or other anti-climb spikes and materials like barbed wire restrict climbing. 

    Most Importantly: Make sure to place signs that promote the home has home security. This is one of the best deterrents for burglars.

    The Different Types of Privacy Fences

    The most notable fencing options are wood, chain link, wrought iron, aluminum, PVC, vinyl, bamboo, electric, and farm style fencing. We won’t explore all of them, just the ones that are most common and useful for home security.

    The typical fence will be six feet tall, but most suggestions say to go no higher than eight feet. (At this height you can still wave a hello to your neighbor.)


    Homeowners will probably be the most familiar with wood fencing, because it’s likely the most popular. It gives the home privacy due to it’s height, and it isn’t see through. Wood doesn’t usually cost a whole lot of money, and you can paint over it rather easily.

    There are many different types of wood to choose from, which will determine how good the fence is. But wood lasts a long time and you’ll have options.


    This is another very simple and attractive type of fence. It looks good, and won’t require too much fencing either.

    Many aluminum fences are actually barred, so these will allow the family to still see outside of their property but maintain safety and security. Aluminum is also maintenance free for the most part, so you won’t have to worry about upkeep.

    PVC Fencing

    This will be the cheapest option for fencing. These options substitute wooden stakes and pickets and replace them with PVC. This cuts down on material costs because less wood ends up being used. Also, because of the PVC material, these fences are often very capable of withstanding harsh climates. They also come in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

    Other Types

    Some of the other fence types will be more expensive, or used for aesthetics like bamboo, wrought iron, or farm style fencing if you’re using it outside of the country. Wire mesh and chain link fences are options as well.

    Whatever fence style you choose, there will surely be options to fit you needs and preference.