As a frightening article in the New York Times pointed out in September 2013, for the first time ever in our nation’s history, there are more Americans 50 and older who are divorced than widowed. This “Grey Divorce” movement, as it has come to be known, has left older men and women in shock – forcing them to learn how to live on their own way sooner than they expected.

With the statistics showing that burglars prey on the elderly, it is so important that the older singles in your life get security systems to protect themselves from harm in the aftermath of such devastation.

The Statistics on Grey Divorce

Go back a half-century and the divorce rate among Americans older than 50 was only 2.8%. Fast forward to 2011, when the United States Census showed that 15.4% of Americans older than 50 were divorced and another 2.1% were separated. In 1990, only 1 in 10 divorcees were over the age of 50. Now that number is 1 in 4.

How did this trend come about?

According to Stephanie Cootz, a family history teacher at Evergreen State College, the rising divorce rates among older individuals may be in part to the increasing burdens of marriage and the fact that humans are living longer than ever before. Cootz says in the NY Times article, “Staying together until death do us part is a bigger challenge than it used to be because we expect so much more of marriage than we did in the past, and we have so many more options when a marriage doesn’t live up to those expectations.”

Cootz goes on to say that, because we are living longer, it seems more “burdensome” to stay in a bad or stale relationship when it is possible to find someone else who is active and healthy as you get older.

The growing social acceptance of divorce and the growing financial autonomy of women also play a major role.

How Security Systems Can Protect The Older Singles In Your Life

One way that you can protect the grey divorce victims in your life is by looking into getting them home security systems. No longer do these individuals have the option of turning to their partner at home when they are in trouble, and loved ones that don’t live on the same property can’t expected to take care of every threat 24/7 in a timely manner.

With Protect America, you are getting quality service and care at affordable prices for an all-encompassing home security system to protect your the entire property of the grey divorcee in your life. From door and window sensors, to glass break sensors, motion sensors, video security cameras and more, Protect America wants to work with you to create a custom home security package that covers your entire property for a fraction of the price of the other guys.

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By Nick Baur