Interesting fact: 90% of burglaries go unsolved in America. I have a friend who quite literally watched a man walk into her house through her unlocked front door, steal her purse 10 feet away, turn around and walk out never to be seen again. She recalled his face perfectly. She called the cops. A report was made. And nothing ever happened. Everything in her purse was gone for good right before her eyes. That being the case, imagine how many people never see their burglars steal their valuables. How much harder would it be to identify and catch the criminal then? Without the proper safety precautions and home security system, you are exponentially more likely to have your house broken into. Listed below are the most common entry points for burglars:

1) Front Door:

This seems obvious (or maybe it doesn’t), but the front door of your house is a burglar’s favorite entry way. Have a hidden key somewhere near your house? Give it to a neighbor instead. As the saying goes in the home security business, “The easier you make it, the easier it will be.” My friend left her front door unlocked during the middle of the day and sure enough, her house was broken into.

2) First Floor Window:

Your favorite window in the house (you know the one that lets all of that beautiful sunlight in during the day) is also your burglar’s favorite. Why? It’s easy access. Most people do not realize the importance of locking their windows, but trust me when I say that burglars do and they’ll extort your blissful ignorance if given the opportunity.

3) Back Door:

Your back door is usually not within sight of your neighbors or passing traffic, making it a very inviting entry point for a burglar. You might think it’s not quite as important to keep these locked at all times because you have a fence or a dog out there, but it’s equally as important as locking any other door or window in your home.

4) Garage and Second Floor Windows:

Although a lot less common than the first three, burglars will take every chance they are given to rob you, especially if the entry point is closer to your master bedroom, where the majority of people keep their most valuable possessions. That’s why it’s important to always keep your garage door closed and locked and to keep all of your upstairs windows locked as well.

While doors and windows are the most common entry points for burglars, you should never assume that locking them is enough to keep burglars out. Having multiple deterrents, like a home security system, security signs, alarms and cameras is recommended by law officials and home security professionals. Protect America has all of the latest security systems you need to keep your home as safe as possible. Don’t hesitate to call 888-951-5136 for a quote or fill out the form on the right.