When there’s no more room in the house, your leftover stuff undoubtedly ends up in the garage, where it gathers dust and remains unused. Antiques, sports equipment, lawn care, tools and boxes…to the garage they go! So when we suggest that customers get garage door sensors to fully protect their home from burglary, we usually hear the same response – “it’s only junk.”

But is it really? Even taking your parked car out of the equation, not only are you sitting on valuable family heirlooms and hand-me-downs, but you could have unknown treasure in your garage worth millions. If you don’t believe me, these stories will surely change your mind about the “junk” in your garage.

California Garage Sale Miracle

In 2008, Tony Mahron went to a nearby California garage sale. He left that sale with just one item – a box of miscellaneous “junk” that he paid a mere $5 for. After going through the box, Tony found nothing of interest – except for one piece of paper. It was an old Palmer Union Oil Company stock certificate from 1917. What was the value of a stock from a now-defunct oil corporation? Well, upon further research, Tony learned that this stock traced all the way back to none other than Coca-Cola. From a box of junk that he bought for $5, Tony Mahron was now in the possession of a possible stock option from 1917 tied to Coca Cola worth an estimated $130 million. Imagine how you would feel if you had thought you were selling junk from your garage, only to find out you gave away $130 million! Mahron fought Coke on the issue until 2010 when he passed away. His family took up the fight, and eventually learned that the stock was worth much less than anticipated, but they still made away with $15,000 from Coca Cola. On an investment of $5, that’s a 3000% return! What treasures could be hiding in your garage?

Amazing Art Finds

Often times when you hear about treasure finds at a garage sale, it involves art. Take the case of this English man who bought a piece of art at a Las Vegas garage sale for $5 only to realize later that he was holding on to an early Andy Warhol drawing. The man later sold the drawing on eBay for $2 million! There’s also the case of a woman who was holding a Louisiana garage sale to get rid of some possessions, only to horrifyingly realize that she had sold away a Picasso painting potentially worth millions of dollars. The woman who made this grave error perhaps put it best – “I was floored. I had no idea in my wildest dreams that I could possibly have had millions in my driveway and sold it for $2.” Imagine if you had sold away millions of dollars on accident!

Protect Your Hidden Treasure With A Garage Door Sensor

Before you disregard the “junk” in your garage, know that you could be holding on to some valuable stuff. Protect your investment with a garage door sensor from Protect America. These sensors differ from our normal door sensors, as they are able to monitor suspicious activity on the giant metal entrance to your home. By detecting the tilt of the overhead door, the garage door sensor alerts your alarm system if an intruder enters through the garage. Once armed, if the garage door opens to a 45-degree angle, the sensor goes into an alarm condition, which can turn on the siren and automatically call the central monitoring station. Make sure that your hidden treasures stay in your possession with Protect America.

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