As your kids grow older and start to walk, the potential of them finding trouble increases. Fortunately, you can keep your toddlers safe from harm by toddler-proofing your home. Follow these tips to ensure your children stay safe no matter where they wander inside the house:

Decrease Water Temperature

Your water heater will allow you to select a temperature or range. Set your heater bellow 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent burns or injuries when your children bathe or use the sink. Children may start using the sink on their own once they begin toilet training, and they don’t always know how to set water heat on the faucet. Furthermore, you should always test the temperature of the bath before your kids get in the water.

Use Non-Slip Mats

Place non-slip mats on the bathroom floor so your toddlers have plenty of traction when getting in and out of the tub. Some varieties have a towel-like texture to help absorb water. You should also use non-slip mats or strips in the tub. Either purchase a full mat or adhesive pads. If you get the strips, be sure they are tightly spaced so that your toddler doesn’t slip on an uncovered area of the bathtub.

Push Objects Away From Ledges

Your toddler doesn’t know that a frying pan shouldn’t be pulled off the stove, so they could try reaching for it. Keep your kids safe by pushing items away from the edges of counters, tables, bookcases, etc. This is important no matter what room you’re in, but it’s vital in the kitchen where knives and hot objects rest. By removing tempting items from kitchen counters, you are also preventing fires. Open flames are dangerous, and if your toddler manages to move a pan, they could create a hazard.
You can’t always leave your pots and pans on the back burner, but you can turn the handles away from the edge of the stove. This simple alteration puts the items out of the reach of your kids.

Parents Should Install Latches and Knob Covers

Seal off your appliances from your toddler using latches and knob covers. Latches are great for front-loading washers and driers, dishwashers and ovens as they keep the door closed against tugging. Knob covers can be fitted over just about any type of knob, such as ones found on your stove or bedroom door. You should install them in the kitchen as a measure of fire safety. This way, your toddler won’t get burned by accidentally turning on the stove.
As an important side note, be sure that your home is outfitted with both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. The former will alert everyone in the house should someone start a fire. The carbon monoxide detector will tell you if there are toxic levels of the compound inside your home. Your kids could accidentally turn on the gas on the stove without producing a flame. Knob covers should prevent that, but detectors are a good backup.

Secure Your Furniture

Toddlers are notoriously curious and energetic, which means they have a tendency to climb and tug. Prevent the kids from pulling furniture on top of themselves by using straps or brackets. Both products attach to the wall and the item to stop kids from being able to topple the furniture. Some bookshelves and dressers come with brackets, while others do not.

Parent Alert: Always Use Window Stops

Window stops come in several forms, but all of them prevent toddlers from opening a window enough that they can climb out of it. Some models are wedges that halt a sliding panel and others are a mesh screen that is installed inside the house – they kind of look like the screens used for fireplaces.