Keeping your business or home safe from criminals begins with proper surveillance equipment. Not only does it help deter common street burglars from entering, but it also provides you with valuable intelligence if more determined thieves arrive at your doorstep. Homeowners are happier and can rest easier when they know security systems are in place. Secure companies are often more profitable because the time and energy spent protecting their most precious assets can instead be used to reach their business objectives. Technology has come a long way since the first surveillance equipment appeared on the market. As such, you can always optimize your security. Here are a few surveillance tips and strategies for your home and business:


A properly installed security and surveillance system should be able to record a criminal act and help the police identify and apprehend the perpetrator. However, seasoned thieves might try to disable your cameras, making camera placement critical. Law enforcement officers suggest business owners mount cameras low and at an upward angle toward the counter where the cash register is located. Thieves often look toward the clerk or down at the register. This lower angle provides a clearer image of the criminal’s facial features, size, height and other significant physical characteristics. In addition to placing a security camera at a lower level, business owners should consider installing cameras that cover all pedestrian and vehicular entry and exit points. Try to avoid blocking the cameras’ view of doors, windows and other access points of the building.


The surveillance strategies you use for your business will be different than those you use throughout your home, if only for the simple fact that your family is priceless and deserves more protection. When you look at your home, you have to identify where you think you need security cameras. Analyze your property. Which areas are the most vulnerable? Can you find hidden or obstructed entrances, doors or windows that criminals could use to their advantage? You most likely know your home the best, and therefore are the most qualified to make judgment calls when it comes to keeping it safe from intruders.

Even though you know your home better than anyone, there are a few security camera locations that you should consider before installing your system.

Front door

According to Safe Sound Family, almost 34 percent of thieves break in through the front door. Because it is a common entry point for criminals, you may want to position a surveillance camera facing this location. Protect America offers a reliable line of video security systems for the home. You can use them to check in on maintenance workers, babysitters or pets. You can access the live feed from your computer or smartphone. Use these cameras to deter criminals by installing them at the second-floor level or the eaves of your house.

Back door

Out of all home burglaries, 22 percent begin through the back door, so installing a camera here would be wise. You will want to treat the back door the same way as the front. Place your cameras out of reach and if possible, protect it from projectiles. If you feel that side doors are also vulnerable access points of your home, it wouldn’t hurt to aim a camera at each one.

Basement stairs

Many domestic basements have access doors, hatches or small windows that are large enough to crawl through. Consider positioning a camera on the stairs that lead from the basement to your home. To create the most responsive security system, think about adding a motion-sensing alarm that works along with the surveillance camera.

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Cover photo courtesy of Wikipedia Creative Commons.