One of the single most beneficial components a home security system can have is a well designed surveillance camera system. This part of the overall system, when used properly, can provide an incredible host of benefits to the homeowners who have purchased them. Still, like so many other good things, they’re only truly effective in providing a boosted home security presence when they’re installed, monitored and used in the most optimized manner possible. If you’re looking to expand your home security presence and offer your residence and your family greater safety, pick up a few of our video surveillance cameras. Before making your purchase and installation decisions, though, review these tips to ensure proper, optimal use.

Interior vs. exterior

When most people consider installing a home security system, their mind is immediately filled with images of blinking home security cameras lining the exterior of a building. This is good, in a way, as monitoring the exterior of your business or residence can give you the upper hand over any potential threats outside. Still, while most people immediately associate security cameras with the outdoors, it’s important to remember the benefits that they can provide when arranged in the interior of your home. In addition to providing valuable monitoring of the assets in your home, the recordings these cameras capture can also serve as valuable evidence in the event of a burglary or home invasion. In fact, that was exactly the case for a homeowner in a Pittsburgh suburb last week, when footage of two men breaking into her home was caught on tape by her internal security cameras. If you’re installing security cameras in your home, consider the benefits of both interior and exterior cameras.

Consider entry points

When determining where in and around your home to position your security cameras, take a few moments to identify the highest traffic areas in your residence. Considering that these are going to be the most common areas through which anything or anyone will enter or exit your home, they make ideal locations for your security cameras. If you’re only purchasing a few cameras but want to provide the most coverage possible for your entire house, then try positioning one at each main door as well as any exterior side doors, such as those extending off of a garage. This way, you’ll always have a clear record of who’s coming and going from your residence or business.

Check your footage frequently

Of course, any network of video security cameras is only going to prove as effective as the individual monitoring them. In order to ensure that you’re getting the absolute most that you can out of your cameras, be sure to check the footage frequently. Protect America offers free online storage and video archiving for footage captured when an event is triggered by our cameras, making it easy to review specific time periods after the fact. Be sure to regularly review your footage to check for anything suspicious.