Protect America recently had the chance to partner with a great company called Tomboy Tools. Tomboy Tools’ focus is to inspire, share, create, and empower women through a variety of different avenues. They provide quality educational resources and opportunities for women to help inspire and empower them. Tomboy Tools is proud to be able to provide additional resources that give women confidence when using tools on projects, and also create entrepreneur opportunities by starting their own Tomboy Tools business.

“The idea of Tomboy Tools was conceptualized by Janet Rickstrew and Mary Tatum in 2000 and was inspired by the growing demand of women wanting to become more confident and wanting their own quality tools in pink. Creating this opportunity for women to learn, have fun, share ideas, and earn additional income, allowed Tomboy Tools to be the first to market and capitalize this idea through the direct sales business model.”

“Tomboy Tools partnered with Paige Hemmis of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because she shares the same goals and mission for women; to feel confident with tools, and learn how to do some of their own home projects. Paige is not only an investor, but partner in the company, bringing her tool knowledge, design expertise, inspiration, and DIY passion to women across the country.”

Recently, one of our Business Development Manager’s, Donovan Gross was able to attend a Tomboy Tools convention in Denver, CO. In attendance was Paige Hemmis, the awesome designer/carpenter from ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Donovan said, “Paige was very down to earth taking the time to share how she got into home renovation and the passion that drove her to stick with it.  She expressed how difficult it was to do what she loved in a predominately male industry. I was inspired by her presentation personally, having lost my father at the early age of 9 and watching my mother provide a great life style for my younger sister and I.  She inspired women to take a proactive approach in doing those home projects that are stereotyped as a man’s job.” A quote that she used that I think really resonated with the Consultants and myself, was “Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire didbut she did it backwards and in high heels”.

We enjoy being able to partner with a great company like Tomboy Tools; a company who really shares the core values we have at Protect America. For more information on Tomboy Tools visit ! Or to see Protect America’s partnership with Tomboy Tools, visit!


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