So home security and home automation can be cool, tech-y and work at the command of your smartphone. But what else is great for the tech-enthusiast in us all? As Christmas approaches, many of us are wondering what to get for our loved ones. If you know someone that has a special interest in gadgets and new technology, look no further. We’ve searched the web far and wide to find the top 5 gadgets every geek wants this Christmas.

1)      Chromecast. Priced at only $35, this little gem opens up endless possibilities for your TV. Television with Chromecast can stream YouTube Videos, Play Netflix, and much more! It’s simple, it’s small and it won’t break the bank.

2)      Pebble Smartwatch. This smart watch is priced at $150 and connects to your smartphone or tablet. It will display text message notifications via Bluetooth and you can also play games. Sounds pretty cool!

3)      Z-Wave Home Automation. Priced at only $79, The Z-Wave appliance module lets you control home lighting and other appliances from a smartphone. This device can be used with small appliances and all types of lighting including incandescent, fluorescent, LED, Halogen, and Xenon. You can control the lights on your Christmas tree and around your home, right from a smartphone or tablet. The module contains one Z-Wave AC outlet and one standard AC outlet.

4)      The Raspberry Pi is a great and hackable little computer that you can use to build your own devices and learn to code. Priced around just $35. Perfect for anyone who wants to learn code or loves technology.

5)     Nomad.  Nomad is the size of a credit card and is a wallet-friendly flexible bit of plastic which untwists to become a functional charging cable for smartphones, GPS devices, tablets, and nearly any other portable gadget (there’s a standard micro USB version, and Apple versions as well). At only $25, all you need is an outlet.

We hope this top 5 list helps you find the perfect gift for your special geek or technology enthusiast. And hey, if you’re treating yourself – we support you 100 percent.

By Hannah Lee