The number one spot a burglar looks when breaking into your home is your master bedroom. The number two spot is your master bathroom. You can probably guess why; most people keep their most valuable items here. A burglar wants to spend as little time as possible going through your house. They want to target a couple of areas in your home, steal as much as they can and leave asap. This is precisely why you should hide your valuables in places a burglar won’t take the time to look, either because it would simply take too long or because the average burglar would never think to look there. Here are the top 5 places to hide your valuables in your home:

1) In a Toy in Your Kid’s Room:

Otherwise known as ‘the burglar free’ zone, your kid’s room is arguably the best place to hide your valuables. That’s because statistically burglars enter these rooms the least. This is more than likely because rummaging through a bunch of toys and knick-knacks is less valuable than aiming for the diamonds in your jewelry box.

2) Wrapped in Foil in Your Freezer:

The chances of a burglar going through your kitchen are fairly low. There’s simply too many things in your kitchen to go through, even if you were hiding your valuables there. Let’s suppose they do decide to go through your kitchen after all though. It’s pretty unlikely they’re going to go through each individually wrapped food item in your freezer.

3) Buried in the Soil of Your Favorite Fake Plant:

A burglar wants what? You got it: You’re valuables. Not your favorite fake plant, even if it does happen to be exquisitely beautiful. Unless the burglar is a plant burglar and you’re the most highly esteemed gardener in the country, chances are they’ll pass on grabbing your plant on their way out.

4) In Your Fake Electrical Outlet:

That’s right. Strategically cut out a small space in the wall that can hold the perfect amount of your valuables in it and place an electrical outlet in front of it. The chances of a burglar having a screwdriver on him and unscrewing all of your electrical outlets is pretty slim, giving you the upper hand.

5) In a Mason Jar in Your Toilet Tank:

Sound ridiculous? You bet it does. That’s because it is, making it the perfect spot to hide your valuables. Practically no burglar would ever lift open the lid to your toilet tank to see if any valuables are there unless they were incredibly stupid or an evil-mastermind.

While you should probably invest in a reliable safe if are looking to hide your valuables long-term, these are the top five spots to hide your valuables until you can invest in one. Still not following Protect America on Twitter and or Facebook? Change that now!

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