When it comes to home security, it may be best to ignore conventional wisdom. All too often, people end up becoming the victims of home security breaches because they believe the most common myths regarding keeping your property safe. These misconceptions surrounding the efficiency and necessity of home security systems are significant threats to your safety and well-being. Here is a rundown of the popular myths that many homeowners falsely believe:

1) Home Security Systems are Expensive

Some people avoid getting a security system for their home because of the perceived costs associated with it. While it is true that there are some companies that will charge you upwards of $100 a month to secure your house, there are also a variety of much more affordable options. Reliable home alarm monitoring and security packages can be found for less than $40 a month! This allows customers to receive the peace of mind that accompanies home security without worrying about the risk to their wallets.

2) Home Security Systems Require Professional Installation

Not all security systems require a professional to visit your home and perform a series of lengthy and costly installation projects. Wireless security systems can be easily installed by anyone, as they don’t require complicated electrical rewiring. These types of products, known as DIY security, end up saving a lot of time and money. They also have the added benefit of being personalized and customizable.

3) The Neighborhood Watch is Sufficient

While communities that look out for each other are certainly advantageous when it comes to ensuring your home will not be broken into, no neighbor can watch your home 24/7. Unlike your neighbors, an alarm system never sleeps or goes on vacation, ensuring you are protected at all times.

4) Home Alarms Can Be Disabled By Cutting the Phone Lines

This myth is a common misconception that prevents many people from installing any kind of alarm system at all. They feel as though the system isn’t worth the price if it can be so easily disabled. The fact is that many systems do not use traditional landlines to contact emergency services when an alarm is tripped. The use of cellular communications is becoming more and more the norm, especially where wireless security systems are concerned.

5) My House Isn’t at Risk of a Break-in

Of all the myths and misconceptions surrounding home security systems, this may be the most dangerous. Sometimes people think that because their house is away from an urban setting that they aren’t a target for home intrusion. Consider that burglars are more interested in what is in the home than where the home is. In fact, many suburban or rural homes might be of particular interest to intruders who think the remote location will lessen their chances of being caught by bystanders. Additionally, home security systems protect against much more than just breaking and entering. Fire, flood and carbon monoxide all pose a threat to your health and safety, and can be monitored through a home security system.

So next time you find yourself using one of the above excuses to justify not installing a home security system in your house, remember that these are all dangerous myths that could result in significant harm to you or your property. Be sure to examine your options and determine what the best kind of home security system is for you before you become a victim.

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Cover photo courtesty of Wikipedia Creative Commons