Every year in October starting on the 6th of the month, safety advocates and fire safety experts want to remind people to stay safe from fire hazards by preventing them. Learning what actually can cause a fire helps in preventing one. Prevention of fires can be lifesaving and will prepare you to be stay safe in emergency situations.

Common Reasons for House Fires

Cooking Equipment

A pot or pan can overheat causing it to splatter grease; it can take seconds to cause a fire. Try to stay in the kitchen when cooking, especially if using oil or high temperatures. Most kitchen fires occur because people get distracted and leave their cooking unattended. Keep combustibles (i.e. oven mitts, dish towels, paper towels) away from heat sources. The kitchen is the most common place for house fires. Make sure your cooking equipment is not faulty before operating.

Heating Equipment

Do you have a furnace? Most people recommend it getting checked annually. A furnace can product intense heat, so make sure a qualified technician properly inspects it and cleans it. Keep portable heats away from curtains and couches. Never use a heater to dry clothes or shoes. Have a carbon monoxide sensor to detect gas leaks. And always keep heating equipment away from children.

Careless Indoor Smoking

Make any bedroom off limits for smoking. Keep an eye on drowsy smokers (i.e. people who may be on medications or drinking). Use a deep ashtray. It’s recommended to actually never smoke indoors at all, but if you must make sure you are staying safe. Burning cigarettes can cause smoldering fires which can cause furniture to burst into flames.

Electrical Equipment 

Make sure all appliances and equipment do not have loose or frayed cords/plugs. Don’t run electrical wires under rugs or heavy furniture. Be sure to not overuse extension cords. Also be sure to be careful when working on any DIY electrical projects. Improper installation can cause a home fire.


Keep candles in a sturdy holder and on a level surface. Do not leave candles on over night while sleeping or unsupervised. Keep candles out of the reach of children or play areas. Children easy knock a candle over or even burn themselves from playing with fire. Blow them out before leaving the room.

Those are just some of the top causes for house fires. Make sure you keep your home safe by double checking the above recommendations. While we may highlight fire safety during Fire Prevention Week, we want everyone to know fire safety is always important.

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