The average burglary costs a homeowner over $2,000 in stolen property and damage. Add the trauma associated with being a victim of burglary and you’re not a happy camper. We periodically give advice on how to avoid being a victim: like having a home security system and announcing it to passers-by with a sign in your yard.

However, this little collection is all about karma. Get your popcorn and plan to stay a while, because crime doesn’t pay and we’re about to prove it with some of the worst burglary attempts. Ever.

Possibly The Worst Burglary Attempts You’ve Ever Seen


Two Guys and a Shovel

This one almost speaks for itself. These two would-be burglars struggle to force a door open with anything they can find, from shovels to… grilling tools?


Burger King Bandits

Two hapless crooks walk (or stumble) into a Burger King for what might be the saddest attempt at a burglary you’ve ever seen. It’s not clear if these two were after money or a Number 1 with cheese, or if they even knew what they wanted for that matter. All we know is, you’ll want to watch it. And re-watch again.


Push and Pulll

Let’s face it. Doors are complicated. Sometimes you have to push and other times pull. This burglar keeps pulling on a door that is visibly marked “push”.


Day and Night Confusion

“I thought you could only be arrested for burglary at night.” You read that correctly. This burglar seems to have overlooked a minor technicality: you can be arrested for burglary at any time.


The Santa Burglar

We’re willing to bet you’ve heard of burglars getting stuck in a chimney. This particular case is satisfying, though – maybe because this burglar robbed the house next door before trying his best Santa Claus impression.


If we’ve learned anything from these videos, it’s that people of all kinds will attempt a burglary. Some may be smarter than others, but even unsuccessful burglars can cause serious damage in or outside of a home or business. It’s true that crime doesn’t pay. Neither does risking your home and safety by betting that all crooks are as amateur as these guys. Take the time to arm your home and look over some tips to prevent burglary at your house!



Cover image by Cap’t Gorgeous via Flickr Creative Commons