Video surveillance can be a wonderful asset to your wireless home security. It allows for the monitoring of your living space against the threat of outside invasion or damage. Nonetheless, we would be remiss to not consider the less obvious ways in which it can benefit a homeowner. Hidden surveillance cameras provide a watchful eye over your home’s exterior is the primary benefit of owning surveillance cameras, it’s worth considering what you might be missing indoors without them.

Elderly family

Some of the toughest decisions to make can be those centered on the care of elderly or aging family members. While you want to do everything in your care to protect them and ensure that they’re comfortable and safe in their own homes, you also want to be sure that you aren’t encroaching on their personal liberties. While a live-in caregiver, from the family or otherwise, is often preferred to a nursing home, this plan has its own share of challenges. According to The Family Caregiver Alliance, 70 percent of caregivers with full or part-time jobs suffer from difficulty balancing scheduling conflicts, and aren’t always able to be as attentive as would be ideal. Installing surveillance cameras in the home of your elderly family member can allow them to maintain their independent lifestyle while providing you peace of mind.


Keeping video surveillance cameras near the entrances of your home certainly holds a benefit in that it deters crime, but it can also help you monitor your children. For example, if you’re going out of town, having cameras installed in your home will allow you to check in on who your children bring in and out of the house in your absence. Beyond being able to keep on eye on any potentially suspect behaviors, having cameras in place would also allow you to check that things were running smoothly. You’d be able to look in from anywhere and see whether or not your kids arrived home on time from practice or left the house in time to make it to school punctually. Of course, you’ll want to discuss this with your children before installing any equipment. Make them aware of the benefits of the surveillance system so that they understand you aren’t trying to encroach on their personal space.


Of course, our home security products aren’t exclusively used in the home. Many people choose to use them to monitor their businesses, and there are several strong benefits to doing so. First and foremost, consider the fact that any employee who has been stealing from your business is now far less likely to. Also, if you’ve suspected this to be happening, you may now be able to prove it. Perhaps less obvious is the benefit of productivity that you’ll receive. Any employee who’s been disrespectful of your time by not working while on the clock will be dissuaded from continuing this knowing that his or her actions are being monitored.