Ready to make your home more secure? It might help to start where everyone else starts: your front door. Every opening is a potential access point for intruders, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Adding a door sensor is a smart way to keep track of your entry points, and security doors are also available with versatile designs and long-lasting, nearly impenetrable metals. If you’re still relying on flimsy doors and storm doors to protect your home, consider one of these three types of security doors from Unique Home Designs:


Steel Security Doors: A Classic for a Reason

When you think “sturdy metal”, you probably think steel. This versatile metal is definitely the most common material used for security doors, and it’s a classic for a reason. While steel security doors are no longer the sturdiest option on the market, they’re available with a variety of styles and protective features, and they still do an excellent job protecting your door and your home.

For example, oversize and custom size doors are easy to accommodate when you go with steel. If you want steel with interchangeable glass panels or laser-cut designs, invest in a premium steel security door with the standard 36” x 80” dimensions. And if you want a security door that changes with the seasons, consider an all-season security door that comes with self-storing glass or clip-in panels.

Aluminum Security Doors: Even Stronger than Steel

Would you prefer a little more protection than steel can provide? Aluminum security doors actually offer six times the strength of steel, and they’re immune to rust too. If you want to invest in a door that will stand up to outdoor elements and outside threats for a long time, add an aluminum security door to your home.

Of course, you should never have to sacrifice style or curb appeal for home security, so aluminum doors are also available in dozens of unique designs. Keep it simple and linear with the Matrix or classic French style doors, or opt for a laser-cut image of deer or palm trees for a fun touch of personality. From door sensors and cameras to the color and style of your security door, your home security should always feel like a seamless addition to the rest of your home.

Screen Doors with Meshtec® Steel Mesh: A New Level of Protection

Security doors aren’t the only protective additions that can make entry points a lot safer. If you think screen doors can’t possibly protect you, think again! Unique Home Designs also offers doors with Meshtec®, a steel mesh security screen that is incredibly resistant to outside force. Here are some of the common threats that can’t stand up to a Meshtec screen security door:

  • Baseball flying at nearly 90 miles per hour
  • Humans walking, running, and falling into it
  • Dogs and cats scratching
  • Crow bars
  • Knives


In actual tests, Meshtec security doors survived all of these threats without getting damaged. Whether you want a screen door that will actually last a long time or you want your home to be as protected as possible, Meshtec might be a wise investment.

Of course, your home security should never depend on security doors alone. Monitored home security systems are the only way to make sure professionals are always watching and protecting your home, ready to step in and get help if necessary. At Protect America, we believe true peace of mind is priceless – but comprehensive home security should be affordable and accessible. That’s why we match our competitors’ prices, lock in rates, and waive installation fees. Get a free quote from Protect America today.