Many homeowners are not sure on the right type of security system to choose for their homes when deciding between monitored and unmonitored. Protecting your home and valuables is a very critical decision that you should make after doing thorough research and comparing different home security systems or security system providers. Here are three surprising facts about unmonitored home security systems and advantages of investing in monitored rather than unmonitored home security systems.


1. They don’t send notifications

Unmonitored security systems or standalone alarms don’t have a feature for sending notifications when sensors in your home have been triggered even though the siren will sound. Therefore, you and your neighbors will depend on the siren to alert you whenever there is a burglary or any danger. In other words, if you are away from home, you will rely on the siren to scare away an intruder and alert your neighbors to call emergency services.

An unmonitored home security system is good for homeowners who want to protect their homes at a cheaper cost. However, you need to have good relationships with your neighbors so that in case they hear the siren they can check on your home or phone the emergency services on your behalf.

2. They are less reliable

Most of the unmonitored home security systems are installed as DIY projects; they may not necessarily be installed professionally to perform as expected. Therefore, there are chances that your security system may encounter complex performance or operational problems that will inhibit its optimal performance. You can never rest assured that your home is fully protected if the home security system was installed unprofessionally. Although there are certain home automation security systems that you can install by yourself and be guaranteed of top-notch security, unmonitored security systems cannot give you such peace of mind.

3. No automatic response

With an unmonitored home security system, you don’t have an alarm activated emergency services that are alert 24/7 and can be automatically be dispatched to your home in case of a burglary or accident. In fact, if an incident such as destruction of property occurs in your home, you will only rely on your neighbors to contact the emergency services or learn about it when you get home. That means that your family or valuable belongings are predisposed to unknown dangers.

Moreover, it will be difficult to call in an emergency in situations of fires or health-related emergencies if you are using unmonitored home security systems.


Importance of using monitored home security systems

  • An established home alarm monitoring company has the necessary resources of watching over your home and can contact the authorities whenever they detect an intruder in your home. Instead of relying on your neighbors or anyone nearby to help protect your home, you can rely on experienced personnel, special phone lines and sophisticated security apparatus to give your home some tight security.
  • Monitored home security systems afford you peace of mind regardless of your location. You will be alerted through a notification that will be sent to your smartphone or tablet while at work or even enjoying your vacation far from home.
  • Unlike the unmonitored home security systems, you can rest assured that the police department will be notified and dispatched to your in case of a break in.
  • Homeowners insurance discounts; insurance companies reduce premiums for homes that have monitored home security systems. Depending on the type of monitored security system that you have installed, you can save up to 20% on your homeowners’ insurance.

When you get a monitored home security system from Protect America, your alarm will be professionally monitored around the clock because the monitoring company receives notifications from the security system whenever a sensor is triggered. A monitoring company responds by trying to contact the owner to verify whether it’s a false alarm and depending on the professionals’ assessment of circumstances an emergency team will be dispatched to your home as soon as possible. Are you interested in monitored home security for your home? Contact the experts at Protect America today to get a free quote and learn more about the available monitored home security systems suitable for your specific home security needs.