Many people like to think of their home security as a turnkey solution. They simply buy a product to deal with their concern and never think about it again. Unfortunately, burglars and other ne’er-do-wells keep up with the times so your home security might be outdated by the time you have it installed. Keep up to date with the latest home security technology and make sure your family and property stay safe.

Standard Home Security Technology

The time honored standard for home security systems are phone lines and copper wire. This setup has been largely unchanged for over 50 years but recent updates have allowed for new technology to enter home security. Many home security companies now provide a range of monitoring options, like cellular and broadband internet, along with traditional landline monitoring. Cellular and broadband monitoring connections allow for a greater range of features, such as interactive access and text alerts.

Latest Home Security Technology

For the average homeowner, the offerings of most home security companies, like Protect America, provide more than sufficient protection. However, a select few have possessions in their homes that merit a higher level of security. Homeowners with valuable collections might have individual items worth hundreds of thousands, or millions, of dollars. When protecting such valuables, unique security might be necessary.

One of the most unique security tools available today is the Smoke Cloak. Known in the industry as “security fog”, the Smoke Cloak works on a simple premise: you can’t steal what you can’t see. When the alarm system is activated, a thick fog quickly fills up the room reducing visibility to near zero. For a quick demonstration, check out this video here.

Another great addition to your high end home security is a laser fence. These futuristic devices use light to determine when an object has entered an area. If something obstructs the laser, usually the object has to be a certain size, an alarm is sounded. Laser fences are still expensive and early in their development so they tend to be found at high security locations. One day, they might even be affordable for the average home.