Worrying about a break-in, robbery or theft at your house while you are away on vacation is not relaxing. Going on vacation is exciting. You get away from the office and out of town for a well-earned respite. Though you may be tempted to throw your cares to the wind, there are a few things you should do before you leave. Chief among those is to make arrangements to help protect your house from burglars who intend to break-in.

 Break-in Prevention Home Robbery or Theft –  Tip 1: Don’t Alert Social Media

You may want to brag to your Facebook friends about your upcoming trip to the Bahamas, but that status could easily inform the wrong person who might want to break into your SOHO Loft. Would-be thieves troll social media to see who’s home and who’s not. Share your beach photos on your Pinterest vacation photo board  or on your Facebook page when you get back. Also, be selective about who your friends are online. Delete contacts you haven’t kept up with in a long time. If you wouldn’t trust them in real life, you shouldn’t trust them on the Internet.This tip will help any homeowner prevent home robbery or break-in.

Break-in Avoidance Tip 2: Don’t Let Mail Collect

A bulging mailbox or pile of newspapers in your driveway is a solid clue to criminals, hoodlums, and other ruffians that no one is at home. An opportunistic thief will see this and decide that your house is a good place to target. Take a trip to the post office and arrange for them to hold your mail. You could also ask a trusted friend or relative to pick up your mail for you. Call the company that you get your newspapers from and let them know you won’t be needing a delivery on the days you are out of town.

Preventing Estate Theft Tip 3: Don’t Turn Off the Lights

The best way to keep criminals away from your dwelling  is to make your house  look occupied. If a burglar is not certain he or she can get away with the crime, he or she will not attempt it. Home alarm monitoring goes a long way toward preventing crime. It is vital that your home security is monitored because the monitoring center will turn off an alarm once it’s been sounded. If a burglar enters your home and the alarm continues to ring, that person will know you’re not around to do anything about it. The monitoring center will also notify police in case of a breakin.

Home automation systems are also great tools. The appliance module allows you to control appliances from your smartphone. Take some time while you’re away to periodically turn on the lights and television so your home appears occupied. Both light and sound work best. If you have trusted friends or relatives you can rely on, give them a key and have them visit the house once a day. This person can also be the one who gets the mail.

Fresh snowfalls in winter can also be detrimental to your plan to make your home appear occupied. Have a neighbor drive or walk over the fresh snow so that it appears someone has entered and left the home since the snowfall. A clean sheet of white will tip off would-be thieves to the lack of human presence in your home. Likewise, have someone mow your lawn in the summer.

Don’t Forget the to Lock the Windows
Be sure to lock up everything before you leave, including windows on every floor. While doors are obvious, many homeowners don’t think about the second floor bedroom window. These entries are still access points into your estate. You never know what tools a criminal will have available to try to commit a criminal break-in.