It officially is Spring and as we know it Summer is right around the corner. Summer is typically when most families take time for a vacation and head for a sandy beach paradise. As you make preparations and plans for your vacation it’s important to make plans to think about how your home will be protected while you’re gone.

A home security system is your best option for protecting your home while on vacation. Now a days you can monitor your home security system from any where in the world and keep a closer on your home like never before with Protect America.

Protect Your Home While on Vacation with a Home Security System

With a security system, you can place a sensor on all doors and windows (entry points) to make sure each location is protected. This means if someone were to open a door or window while the system is armed, the alarm will start to sound off. Typically if you have either a broadband or cellular monitored alarm system, this will send a notifications to your either you email and or via text messages.

Another form of protection would be a motion detector for the inside of your home. This motion detector detects heat and motion and will automatically trigger an alarm coming from the inside of your home. The siren will sound from your actual alarm panel and you can even set that specific senor to silent mode so that if the police do show up, they could find a burglar on the inside of your home. This is just an option, but some people would most likely rather keep it on because a siren will send a burglar running off.

In today’s world we notice that burglars are starting to get a little bit smarter. For this we have introduced new products to better help serve you and your home. If a burglar happens to break a window and crawl through it rather open it because they fear you having an alarm system, we highly recommend a glass break sensor to catch the intruder. A glass break sensors is exactly just that; it detects the sound of glass breaking. This sensor is great because you know it will keep the burglar on the outside of your home instead of waiting for them to get inside and set off one of your motion detectors.

Video surveillance is one of the most popular forms of security and many people have been getting cameras for their home. With our Smart Connect mobile application, you can view your cameras, arm/disarm, and watch your home like never before. Watch the live feed from your video cameras either from a smartphone or your PC. Whether you’re at the beach or from your hotel room, protect your home while on vacation.