Everybody needs a break sometimes (especially overworked writers for home security companies) but getting ready for your vacation can be oddly stressful. One of the biggest concerns of homeowners before leaving on vacation is the security of their home. Here are a few tips for securing your home before and during your next vacation.

Safety Tips Before You Leave for Vacation

It’s important to remember home security before leaving for a vacation. If you’re only going to be gone for a long weekend, simple precautions, like locking all doors/windows and activating your home alarm system, should be more than sufficient. You might also want to ask a neighbor that’s staying in town to keep an eye on your house while away. Burglars hate nosy neighbors and a watchful community tends to discourage criminals.

When you’re planning for a longer vacation (more than 4 or 5 days), it’s best to hide evidence that no one is home. You can contact the Post Office to hold your mail or have a neighbor collect it. If you’re one of the twelve people nationwide that still receives a newspaper at home, put your subscription on hold until you get back. It might also be prudent to have a neighbor enter your home in the evening to turn on a few lights or the television. There are a number of home security products, like the X10 Lamp Module, which will turn lights off and on based pre-set timing sequences.

Safety Tips When You’re On Vacation

When you’ve finally gotten to your vacation destination, it’s important to watch your valuables and keep them on you at all times. It might be tempting to leave some money in your room, just in case, but there are many stories of tourists being robbed by hotel cleaning staff. Fortunately, these are usually instances of people leaving money or jewelry out in the open. Hotel maintenance workers do not generally have access to room safes.

If traveling in a foreign country, you’re passports are worth their weight in gold so protect them at all costs. There are a number of ways you can protect valuables in other cities or countries. Many hotels have house safes, either in the rooms or down in the lobby, that can hold passports, tickets, or other necessary documentation. It’s not recommended that people bring expensive jewelry on vacation. Hotels might be willing to help you replace a lost ticket or solve issues with passports or visas but they’re generally not willing to absorb the cost of lost or stolen jewelry.

Using Your Home Security System to Stay Safe on Vacation

A security system can be an amazing tool for keeping your home safe when no one is there. If there’s an unauthorized attempt to enter a home with a monitored alarm system, the owners are notified and police are called. Certain home security systems can be accessed by the owners from internet-enabled smartphones and computers. These interactive features can be incredibly convenient as they allow users to arm/disarm their system from anywhere in the world. When combined with an interactive home security video camera, users can get the visual reassurance that everything is safe and sound.

Even if you’re not terribly concerned with burglary in your area, a home security system can still help prevent other disasters, like flooding or fire. The wireless home alarm systems offered by Protect America can support smoke detectors, flood sensors, low temperature gauges, and carbon monoxide detectors. With a home security system, enjoy your vacation without worrying about what’s happening at home.