Veteran’s Day is an American holiday celebrating the nation’s military veterans. The tradition began as a way to commemorate the successful participation of American soldiers in World War I. Known as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other nations, Veteran’s Day is celebrated every November 11th, the effect end date of WWI. In the U.S. during 2012, Veteran’s Day fell on a Sunday with the federal government and most banks giving their employees the day off on the following Monday, November 12.

Veteran’s Day Traditions

While originally meant to celebrate the sacrifice of WWI veteran’s, Veteran’s Day was amended to honor all American veterans following the end of World War II. The federal government typically recognizes Veteran’s Day by giving its employees, including U.S. military personnel, a paid day off. Banks also recognize the holiday by suspending operations for the day.

Veteran’s Day Celebrations 2012

Across the U.S., and in many nations around the world, governments hold solemn celebrations to their veterans. These events, held at places like Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., are generally attended by high ranking government officials and members of the military. Prominent veterans, like those that have won distinguished medals, and their families are often invited to high profile events. Smaller celebrations are also held in thousands of cities and towns across the United States. These celebrations will usually include a parade featuring local veterans and veterans groups, like the American Legion.

Protect America’s Support of Veterans

Supporting our nation’s veterans is almost second nature for a company with a name like Protect America. Dozens of our employees are veterans of nearly every branch of the American military. Veterans are reliable and incredibly skilled, which makes them ideal employees for Protect America and the larger home security industry. Protect America will continue to support veterans and support organizations beyond Veteran’s Day with jobs and donations. America’s veterans help make America strong; now Americans get to return the favor.

Protect your neighbors. Protect your homes. Protect our veterans. Protect America… It’s what America does.