In 2013, there were an estimated 1,928,465 burglaries, according to the FBI’s Annual Uniform Crime Statistics. Have you ever felt the need to see what’s really going on when you leave your home? With our cameras, you can monitor your home while you’re away. Whether you are traveling for work or heading to the beach to relax, we find ourselves spending less time at home. Unfortunately, being gone makes it a perfect time for a burglar to strike. Whatever the case may be, there’s no solution that offers such convenience and accuracy like our home security cameras at Protect America. We made it even easier to check in at home anytime and anywhere with our smart phone app. Just click the icon and you can view your own live feed from your home security cameras. Also, you will stay notified with text notifications that can be read straight from your phone.

Equipped with an HD lens and zoom capabilities, the video cameras from Protect America will give you the quality security you need.

How It Works

video camera

Our security cameras operate through a wireless connection with your internet at home. It’s important to make sure your internet connection is not too slow and that you always have a secure connection. It really doesn’t take anything out of the ordinary, just a secure internet connection.

You can have up to 4 cameras per internet connection. WiFi compatible cameras give you true freedom of placing your cameras where they would be the most effective. You don’t have to worry about drilling or awkward wires. Additionally, our video home security comes with an automated archiving feature that allows you to store your videos when an event is triggered. This means that you can view it on your time and access your stored videos when you need them. Another benefit to owning WiFi cameras is all history of the cameras recordings are stored online at – which is where you can play, zoom and review all recordings.

You have a pretty big amount of storage to display of 100 events or recordings from your cameras. Other surveillance cameras offer storage on CDS or even VHS tapes, but this is very outdated. Burglars often find the source of where they’re recorded and can destroy or even delete their actions. Online storage is the most secure way to protect your home with video cameras.

Where to Place Cameras

After you’ve connected the cameras to the internet you can strategically place the camera(s) around the home as you please. We recommend that you place security cameras near high-traffic areas and main entrances. Also, when you’re placing your cameras, ask yourself  – what are the most vulnerable spots on your property? You know your home best, so you are uniquely qualified to evaluate how to keep it safe from intrusion. Also, burglars often enter a home by breaking a rear window. Keep your bushes trimmed and your exterior lit up at night in order to deter criminal activity.

SMART Connect


Protect America is able to offer our home security app called SMART Connect along with our broadband or cellular monitoring. You can watch your cameras directly from your smartphone once you download our app or you can watch from your computer. This means you can access your surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet or wifi access with your phone. If you ever need help or support with any of your home security products from Protect America, we recently added the chat feature to our SMART connect app. It’s the same great customer service, just without the phone call!

At Protect America, you can get monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month. We have much more than just our video cameras to safeguard your home – all at an affordable price. Call us today!