Vivint is certainly a well-known name in home security, but “well-known” isn’t always a good indicator of what a service offers. With Vivint, there’s a lot to sort through. The company has several options, packages, and extra services. Figuring out what’s what isn’t always easy. Here is a look at Vivint home security prices, and what comes with them.

Starting at 39.99 per Month

The “starting at” price for any home security system is often a little misleading. The website for Vivint itself points out that interested parties should call for pricing rather than rely on anything they see online. Even Vivint retailers list the 39.99 starting price but point out prospects should call for pricing. The basic plan includes their app and 24/7 monitoring.

The Fine Print May Tell a Different Story

What Vivint doesn’t include in its price tag is the cost of the equipment. A base Vivint system that comes with that 39.99 a month price can cost around $550 at a minimum. That package comes with:

  • A touchscreen panel
  • Two sensors (for doors or windows)
  • A motion detector

If a homeowner needs more than that, they will have to pay more for each additional piece of equipment. Consumers should make sure they read the fine print. Here is an example from one Vivint retailer:

Minimum $49.99/month services agreement required. Minimum $549.99 equipment purchase…Without a Vivint services plan, product and system functionality is limited…Speak to a Vivint representative…for complete equipment, services, and package details, including pricing.

Pay Now or Pay Later

Vivint offers two ways to pay for equipment. It’s possible to purchase the equipment outright. It’s also possible to finance the equipment, which will add to the monthly rate. While it’s nice to have options, buyers must show care. A change in pay or an emergency can leave someone unable to keep up with those monthly payments if the equipment fees bloat them as well.

Home Security vs Home Automation

Buyers must also show care with the packages they choose from Vivint. Automation and security features sometimes intertwine these days. However, it’s important to keep in mind they’re not exactly the same thing. Vivint offers home automation packages as well as home security packages. They allow customers to mix and match options, but the customer should know what it is they’re really shopping for before committing to anything.

The Smart Protect and Smart Control Plans

For around $50/month and $60/month respectively, the Smart Protect and Control plans add a little more to the starter offering. With these services, consumers can add more home automation features to the security offerings.

That includes things like a smart thermostat, doorbell cameras, and other features. Again, these features come with equipment, but rarely enough for mid-sized or larger home. That means the consumer will have to purchase or finance additional equipment.

Vivint Does Offer a Lot of Components

The company has all the standard home security devices and many with modern bells and whistles. If one was to build a DIY home security system, they can certainly make use of all the equipment Vivint has to offer.

  • Outdoor, indoor, doorbell cameras
  • DVRs
  • Smart locks
  • Burglary detection devices
  • Garage door controls

Nevertheless, keep in mind the fine print mentioned before. Some of the features may not fully work without a service contract. The equipment comes competitively priced, and Vivint even has some modern offerings like their ping camera that consumers may not find elsewhere.

So, What are the Options?

To sum it all up, Vivint offers three tiers of pricing starting at $39.99 a month. That pays for monitoring and use of their app. Equipment costs start at $549.

Most homeowners will want more than what comes in the starter pack, so they should expect to add a few hundred dollars to that price tag. In all cases, it’s important to call Vivint or one of their retailers to find an accurate quote. For everyone else who wants all the features of a modern monitored home security system, but with affordable, non-confusing pricing, contact Protect America today.


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