Looking for a home security system that is simple to install and easy on the wallet? Take a swing by Walmart, because just like most everything else that you could want, they are well stocked in the home security department. Take a closer look at how to start your buying process and all of the essential features that are included in our featured product, the Zmodo EZCam.


A Guide to Buying Your Security Equipment at Walmart

One of the first things to determine before you head out to Walmart to buy your security system is the actual equipment that you will need to get the job done. Before you begin the process, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How many cameras will you need to provide 360-degree views outside your home?
  • Do you need night vision cameras both inside and outside? (For the record, we highly recommend night vision capabilities for all home security cameras.)
  • Will your security system need to be compatible with your home automation devices?

The above queries will get the ball rolling and allow you to make a better approximation of your equipment needs before you start the buying process. Once you know a little bit better exactly what you are looking for, the buying process can become more simplified and a lot less overwhelming.

The Top Selling Security System at Walmart

There is often a lot of wisdom in the crowds, and we like to take a peek at the most popular products when we are making a buying decision. We like the variety that the store offers, and the wide price range that provides equipment for almost any budget.

One of the most basic options available, and unsurprisingly, one of the best sellers is the Zmodo EZCam. This little guy is available for around $25.50 and packs a pretty good punch for its size and price. In addition to the surveillance options, it also has two-way audio, cloud storage of your footage, and smartphone alerts. We really like all of the features that this camera offers, and we are clearly not the only ones! The built-in motion detection sensors help to keep your equipment needs to a minimum while also providing an important security feature.

Footage storage is another added bonus that not all cameras or companies provide. Having camera footage of any incident, whether man-made or caused by a natural disaster can help to strengthen your insurance claims or provide a more accurate incident report to your local police force. The Zmodo EZCam is a great start to establishing a robust and effective home security system.


Are You Feeling Overwhelmed by the Idea of a DIY Security System?

Some people just haven’t been bitten by the DIY bug and would rather hand over their home improvement projects to a professional. We understand, and we can’t help but agree. Protecting your home and your family is a very important task, and one that should not be taken lightly.

Surveillance cameras are a great start, but when you begin setting up motion detectors, smoke alarms, and intruder alerts and the like, things can quickly become more complicated.

In addition to someone else handling the equipment sourcing as well as the installation of said equipment, full-service companies such as Protect America also offer around the clock monitoring. Interested in learning more about 24/7 monitoring and the other services that they provide? Call (800) 951-5190 or fill out this handy form to receive your free quote. If home security is important to you, a full-service monitoring company is often the way to go!