There has been a concerted effort over the past decade or so to make home security systems more commonplace throughout America. Companies like Protect America and ADT are working night and day in order offer their clients professional home security monitoring systems. However, some homeowners are choosing to go the DIY route by way of purchasing their own home security systems from platforms like WalMart.  WalMart may be known for many things, but most people don’t realize that they carry high-quality security systems for home or apartment usage. Today, we are going to highlight our favorite home security system packages that can be found at a local WalMart.


WalMart Home Security Systems – An Introduction

Home break-ins are rare enough that most people don’t actively think about them, yet they are common enough that one is occurring every 15 seconds in the United States of America. Break-ins can be devastating on both a physical and mental level, not to mention a financial one as well. The overwhelming majority of home break-ins occur at a property that has not been secured by a professional home monitoring system. So, it makes sense that WalMart would begin selling home security systems, doesn’t it?

Burglaries are very specific times of crimes and they result in very specific types of items being stolen. According to a survey in 2015, 43% of burglaries resulted in a loss of jewelry while 38% resulted in a purse or wallet being stolen.

In our discussion today, we are going to highlight some of the best home security camera systems available through the Wal Mart platform. These systems are going to share some similarities but they are also going to have their own unique pros and cons. Now that we understand just how problematic home break-ins can be, let’s deep dive into the discussion. We’re going to sort the following security systems from best to worst so that they can be properly rated by potential customers

WalMart Home Security Systems – Best Options Available

Our discussion begins with three very different WalMart security camera systems. These security camera systems are all highly regarded by prior customers, but they are markedly different from one another. Here are the choices that we will be detailing, today:

  1. Zmodo 720P HD WiFi Wireless Smart Security Camera System
  2. Defender PhoenixM2 Digital Wireless Security System
  3. Arlo Pro Indoor/Outdoor 720p Security Camera System

These systems are sorted out based on function, price, and beginner/expert level monitoring status. As they vary in price, we’ll go ahead and start our discussion by focusing on the most affordable option among them.


  1. BEGINNER LEVEL– Zmodo 720P HD WiFi Wireless Smart Security Camera System

This is the most affordable option out of the bunch as it clocks in at under $60. This package includes a pair of HD wireless security cameras and it comes with a 6/month subscription to the Cloud in order to offer affordable backup storage. This camera system is easy to set up and great for smaller properties. The smart night vision and two-way audio is a benefit, as well.

  1. INTERMEDIATE – Defender PhoenixM2 Digital Wireless 7″ Monitor DVR Security System

This is another two-camera setup, but it operates via DVR rather than a cloud set up. With SD card recording, it is easier than ever to improve the storage capacity of the system. Both cameras are night vision capable and they also have long-range viewing which makes them ideal for outdoors.

  1. EXPERT– Arlo Pro Indoor/Outdoor 720P Security Camera System

Our final system is the coveted Arlo Pro indoor/outdoor setup. With free mounts, capable night vision, and HD video quality – this set up is hard to beat. This system is completely wireless and works with all of Google’s voice-controlled products.

Protect America Offers Full Service Home Security Monitoring

While DIY security camera setups can be effective, there is also value in allowing professional security monitoring companies take over that end of the equation. Protect America offers affordable monitored security starting as low as $30 per month. With no installation fees and a guaranteed locked in rate, now is time to give them a call.