Thanks to Walmart’s huge selection, and the even-bigger array of options available on their site, many people have gotten used to checking them out for everything they want to buy – including home security systems. Is this a good idea? It can be, but often, that is not the case. Here are three surprising facts about wireless home security systems from Walmart:


None of the Systems Are Actually Run by Walmart

Like the store’s other items for sale, their security systems are just products on their shelves. They are not backed nor supported beyond the short money-back guarantee the company offers on nearly everything it sells. In short, this means that you can return the product for a few months after you buy it, but that’s it.

If you’re fine with this sort of arrangement, then looking at the individual systems the store offers might be fine. However, if you want to be able to call in and get support, have help with setup, or arrange for outside system monitoring, you’ll have to try to contact the manufacturer. Sometimes, this is easy enough, but often, it’s either nearly impossible (you may have to call their head office in China) or the manufacturer may simply be unhelpful.

Many Systems Offered on Aren’t Even Sold by Walmart

This is possible thanks to’s partnerships with outside sellers, who use the site as a marketplace. When you order from one of these sellers, all that does is process your payment. The outside seller is responsible for shipping your item and providing customer service.

These sellers may be fine at that, but they also may not do anything beyond shipping your item. In that case, you are once again stuck trying to get help from the manufacturer if you encounter any snags.

Walmart does sell plenty of its own items through its site as well, and this protects you from troubles with returns and the like. However, this is the same minimal protection you’d get if you shopped right in a physical store. In fact, it’s easiest to return things from by bringing them to the nearest Superstore instead of mailing them back.

Some Systems Sold at Walmart are Quite Expensive

Even though Walmart is well-known for being a discounter, some of its offerings are actually quite expensive. For example, one 4-camera DVR system costs $449.99 at the time of this writing. While this does include the ability to monitor it through your smartphone, HD recording, and infrared night vision on the cameras, it is not what we consider a complete system.


It includes no entry alarms, no fire detection, and importantly, no monitoring service. This makes it so that its main use is to collect footage to be used to help police identify a criminal. A better system would give you a chance to summon police or fire personnel right away – possibly fast enough to stop a crime in progress.

To Recap

  • Walmart does not operate a monitoring service or otherwise provide item-specific support for security systems
  • The systems on their site may not even be sold by Walmart itself
  • Systems sold by Walmart may be much more expensive than you expect

Try Protect America Instead

When you get a home security system from Protect America, you get more than just cameras and a recording hub. Our systems also provide window and door alarms, motion detection, smoke detection, a touchscreen control panel, and home automation integration. They are also free when you sign up for our 24/7 monitoring service.

A monitoring service provides the chance of an immediate response even if you weren’t actively monitoring your system yourself. This is essential for bringing on a timely reaction from emergency personnel in case of a break-in or fire.

To learn more about Protect America’s robust security systems, just give us a call or contact us through our site.