It’s not entirely uncommon to find oneself at the front door, staring down a salesman pitching you one product or another. If you don’t yet have a sign or window cling indicating the presence of a home security system, then you very well may be approached by an individual offering to sell you an alarm monitoring service or home security system. While this may not seem like the strangest occurrence, you’re going to want to take heed in these moments to ensure you aren’t accidentally endangering yourself.


Though the individual at your doorstep may indeed be an honest salesman, reports of home security scams have been filed across the nation. The individual could be trying to con you out of money or, worse yet, using the sales pitch as a front under which to case your home for a potential burglary later on. Use these tips to ensure that you aren’t being scammed:

Ask for identification

Though state laws vary , salesmen are usually required to carry some sort of identification. Ask to see their ID, business card and information regarding the company they represent. Prior to allowing them into your home or entering into a transaction with them, you’ll want to take a few moments to go through the documents and identification that they produce. If anything about these strike you as odd, or they refuse to show you any form of license or identification, disengage from conversation with them.

Know the signs

Be wary of security salesmen who use tactics that seem overly aggressive. For example, if a salesperson seems like they’re trying to scare you by citing a recent string of burglaries in the area, ask specific questions. Inquire as to who was robbed, when, what was taken, etc. Make it clear that you know the area and request specific information from them, as this should offer you more insight into whether or not they’re being truthful. Ask them for references from people in the neighborhood that they’ve already sold to. If they’re showing up at your door to sell a legitimate product, the odds are low that you’re the first house they’ve been to.



Be sure you know what to do if you find out you’ve been scammed by a fake salesman or potential burglar. In the event that you’ve allowed one of these salesmen to install equipment in your home and later find out that they’re ​disreputable, change the locks and remove any equipment or devices they installed at once. Make clear to your neighbors what happened, as well, so that they can avoid the inconvenience or, potentially, help bring the scammer to justice. If you’ve signed a deal for a security system but realize the company is either ​disreputable or not what you need, be aware of your rights. The Fair Trade Commission’s “Cooling Off Rule” allows any individual three days to renege on a contract from a salesmen if it was signed anywhere beside the selling agency’s sedentary office.

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