This week in home security news featured a plethora of interesting tales, many of which could have been avoided with the use of a properly installed and monitored alarm system. From Ray Allen’s lavish mansion being broken into by a group of teenagers to a family jumping from their rooftop to avoid incredible danger to an elaborate home delivery scam, the past seven days proved to be anything but short of home security happenings. Read on to learn about some of the most interesting robberies, scams and home invasions that took place this week, and remember to check out for all of your home security needs.

Ray Allen’s home broken into

For those of you who don’t know who Ray Allen is, he’s sort of a big deal. Widely considered the single greatest shooter in NBA history, Allen is currently a free-agent with the Miami Heat. Shortly after taking his career to Miami and joining the winning ways of Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade two years ago, Allen purchased a lavish home for himself and his family in Coral Gables, Florida. Much to his dissatisfaction, seven individuals broke into his home last Saturday night, August 16. Six men and a woman to the group, all of the individuals were between the ages of 18 and 19 and had been attending a party near Allen’s house. They broke nothing and stole nothing, and apparently later indicated to police that they simply wanted to see the basketball superstar’s home. Though they have not yet been arrested, they are being investigated by police who found them at a home not far from Allen’s after the incident. Allen’s lawyer and agent have indicated to multiple media outlets, including the Miami Herald, that they feel arrests should be made and charges pressed.

Arcadia robbery has daring ending

A robber in Arcadia, California, took an unprecedented turn this week as two residents were able to escape potential bodily harm by jumping from a second story window. Their home, in the 600 block of Lemon Avenue, was entered by three individuals, at least one of which was armed with a handgun. Upon entering the home through an unlocked window, two of the suspects began to go through the house for valuables while the third forced the two residents to lay on the floor of an upstairs bedroom under gunpoint. The two homeowners were able to escape while their captor was otherwise engaged, pushing the screen out of a second story window and jumping down to the street below. Police were dispatched shortly thereafter, though none of the three suspects were apprehended. The two residents were treated for minor injuries, which they sustained in the jump, at a local hospital, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Burglars pose as delivery men in string of robberies

Police in the Los Angeles suburb of Garden Grove, California, are searching for three to four men who have been involved in at least two burglaries in which they posed as delivery men to gain access to homes. In both of the two confirmed robberies, the men have been able to enter homes by pretending to be delivering items such as bouquets of flowers or large assortments of balloons. Upon the homeowner opening the door, the men revealed guns and restrained the individuals while they ransacked the house. Anyone with any information regarding these men or their whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Garden Grove Police Department at 714-741-5800, according to KTLA, a Tribune subsidiary.